Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW and Improved Petticoat!

So I've admitted it: the petticoat that is was in my shop, was just not cutting it. At first it did the job - skirts were mildly poofy, but they never really had that "cupcake" silhouette that screams LOLITA from miles away. The way I sewed it, coupled with being made totally out of organza, it got tired pretty quick. It didn't  even stand a chance again my heavier skirts. It just laid there, totally absent and unaware of it's responsibility to poof my skirt. I haven't really had the time to jump into yards and yards of organza and netting until earlier this week. Since I'm waiting on a bunch of lovely laces and fabrics to be shipped to me, this is how I've elected to fill the time. But enough reading, have a look for yourself:

^^Yummy! I made this lovely piece of delicious out of 32 total yards of fabric - 24 of that was soft, lovely organza, and 8 of that is a super stiff nylon netting for support and structure. The base of the petticoat itself is made of a lovely polyester lining, so it's super soft and protects your skin from the harsh scratchiness of the netting. I opted to have this petticoat hug your waist with a narrow piece of elastic, so your waist/hip area doesn't get all bulky from wearing multiple layers of skirts. Speaking of layers, this petticoat has nine.

^^Each layer of organze is finished nicely with a satin ribbon.

^^Each ruffle layer-to-lining seam is finished with an equally lovely satin ribbon.

I also put together a bunch of comparison photos, so you really understand how tired the old petticoat was! And you can definitely see my Lolita transformation - I almost look like a different person! :p

^This skirt is the heaviest one I own - it's made out of a medium/heavy-weight cotton, and coupled with the ruffles, and yards of 4" wide venice lace, it's pretty apparent my "before" petticoat just couldn't handle it. Well, not anymore! ^__^ (Oh, and the blouse and skirt can be found in my shop by clicking the links)

^^Even on the mannequin, my "new" petticoat is a lot more appealing and yummy-looking. 

^^Look - no hands! In the photo on the left, I'm actually holding the skirt out to try and make it look fuller. Yep, this JSK is made out of a simple light-weight cotton, and my old petticoat couldn't even handle that! 

^^Look at that difference! (Wow, and me too! ♥) This JSK is actually ready-to-ship, and can be found by clicking the link.

The petticoat is now available in my shop! It can be found HERE. Since the petticoat is made to order using your measurements, it can also be made to your specifications! Color options are endles: one solid color, two-toned, three-toned, etc. and at no extra cost! Speaking of which, it does cost a bit more than the old one in my shop, but that's all for good reason. This petticoat will last you a good while, and as you can see above - a good petticoat is quite crucial to achieve the signature Lolita silhouette. ♡

Miss Chubi

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twintail Extensions!

I've been debating on getting a wig/ponytail extensions for quite some time now. When I look at the photos I take of my Lolita clothing, I notice something's off - and it's my hair! I do in fact, love my short hair, but let's face it - it's not very Lolita. I've seen some short-haired Lolita's in magazines, etc. but I just don't think I can pull it off very well. After lots of debating and searching around on the web, I finally settled on some decent - in both quality and price - ponytail extensions. I ended up ordering them online from Sally's Beauty Supply, because they didn't have two of the color I needed in stores. Aaaaand they came in yesterday! (Please, ignore my ugly bathroom >_<)

^Here they are, in all their glory!

^Here's one out of the box - I think they're like 16" in length. And you can see just how puny my pigtails are looking in the background ;__;

^And without the net - so lovely! ♥

^Ooh, yay! One's in ^_^ I have to say, I was quite nervous about these staying in. They have a little comb and a drawstring that goes around your ponytail to hold it in place, buuut since my ponytails are so puny, it doesn't fully close around my ponytail. But they actually do stay in alright! I did quite a bit of fussing around with them for about an hour to get them to feel right. 

And now I've got lovely, lovely Lolita twintails! ♥ I actually spent more time after I took these photos getting them to look more "right". See all that hair in front of my ears? Yeah, I ended up taking them out and re-doing my hair to pull all that back, so they actually look a lot better! I was lame though and forgot take pictures because we were on our way out the door to see HP & The Deathly Hallows Pt2 (in case you're wondering - YES I did see it at midnight Thursday night, but my bf had yet to see it 'til then, so it was my 2nd viewing :P). I feel soo pretty wearing these, and definitely a lot more Loli-like! Ooh, and the shirt I'm wearing in all my pics is available in my shop ^_^ 

I'm sure sometime this week I'll be taking pictures of some new clothing with the presence of my new twintails, so stay tuned! ^_^