Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black & Cream Wa Lolita Commission Pictures

If you recall my original sketch:

And the finished piece itself: (The blue is definitely not that blue as it shows up in the pictures.. it's more of a teal. But I've been fighting with my camera on this issue the entire time I've worked on this commission, and have yet to win.)

^^Extra long bow tails are ♡!

Miss Chubi

Another Wa-Lolita Commission Gets Finished

As I started writing this post, I realized that I haven't updated my progress on this commission in quite a while! The last time I left off, I had finished the overskirt and sewn the collar into the top - and that's about it. Well, I've done a lot since then: 

^^Ruffle-y underskirt, tier 1

^^Ruffle-y underskirt, tier 2 -

^^Waistband and zipper sewn in, and done! :3

^^A glimpse of how lovely the skirts look together ♡

^^The sleeve! I've sewn in the cream extension..

^^And completed it off with lovely ruffles.

Everything pictured above is progress I made like last week or something before I got Tigger finished. So basically all I had to do tonight is what follows: 

^^The sleeves are sewn on, the sides of the kimono are sewn together, the bottom is finished, and it has a belt sewn in to keep everything closed, which means this kimono top is finished! ♡

^^Waist cincher, about half finished. Also, the colors are so horribly off in this photo! D:

^^Way more accurate colors, plus the cincher is finished! 

^^Cincher, with top! For some reason, I've got the skirts on my mannequin off to the side, lol. Oh well - I'll be posting way better pictures of everything tomorrow anyways! 

^^Giant bow for the back - with extra long tails. ♡

^^Last, but certainly not least! The headdress ♡ I'm so happy my awesome client requested this type of headdress! I've really been wanting to do something more traditional like this for a while, and I'm really happy I got the opportunity/excuse to make this piece of loveliness. I think headdresses like this can be really gorgeous and exceptionally dolly ♡

And it's finished! Hopefully tomorrow's a nice day (because today certainly wasn't =__=) so I can take nice pictures of everything completed and together ♡

Oh, and a bit of an update on my new iron! I used it all tonight in the finishing of this commission, and I just love it! I simply cannot understand why I kept putting off upgrading. It's nice and heavy, and gets much hotter, so pressing fabric takes like half the time it used to ♡ It also has an "auto shut off" feature, which may be annoying for some people, but I really like it. I tend to leave an iron on all day, so it's nice to know it turns off when I'm not using it. I've also been known to leave my iron on overnight on more than one occasion, so I'll rest assured knowing our apartment won't accidentally get burned down due to my forgetfulness! >_<

Miss Chubi

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iron Upgrade

It took me long enough, but I've finally upgraded! For the longest time I've been using this super crappy iron that was the "family iron?" or whatever in our household. I'm pretty sure my parents got it from Wal-Mart for like $5 - it's a piece of junk. Most of the time it just gushes out water all over my iron board and/or fabric, making a huge mess and slowing me down. Earlier this week I noticed water leaking out of where the cord is! This finally made me realize how much I need a new iron >_<

^^Behold the ugly piece of junk.

I've actually been meaning to order a nice Rowenta one from Amazon or something, but it's something that's always in the back of my mind. So today while we were making our bi-weekly Costco run, I ran across this: 

^^I was definitely not sold on it, but considering it was only $25, and in all ways a million times better than my old one, I decided to just go with it. Hey, going with this option is way better than getting electrocuted, right? :D

^^The newness, in all his glory! It even came with a cup to fill it up :3 Just by holding it, I can tell it was a worthy investment. It's a lot heavier, and holds about 3x more water. It's also got a little door where you put the water in - the old one didn't have one, so water would just gush out of the top =__=

I haven't had the pleasure of trying it out yet - I actually just put it through a self-cleaning cycle to get it prepped for use. I'm super excited to use it while I work on finishing up my Black & Cream Wa-Lolita commission today! :D

Miss Chubi

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tigger Wa-Lolita = Finished!

As promised, my Tigger commission has been fully completed! Luckily, today was also semi-sunny which is terrific news for shooting indoors without lights, as I do. Now, onto the photos!

^^Ahhh - the finished piece in all it's lovely glory! ♡ (There's also legwarmers that go with this, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to show them with the outfit, so I've photographed them with the other accessories at the end.)

^^Ooh, the tail! I stuffed it so it's all plushy and squishy :3 The bow is also removable, of course.

^^Skirt definitely has some major poof-potential.

^^A closer view of the seams and hem of the skirt ruffles.

^^There's nothing like a nice stiff collar ^_^

^^All the accessories! It's sorta hard to tell what's going on here because of all the stripes.. but there's the legwarmers: they're lined in fleece for support and to keep a nice shape, and they're elasticized at the top; the tail: it's attached to a piece of elastic, so it's basically a belt, and can be worn under or over skirts; headband: includes Tigger ears, which I've stuffed a bit to keep their shape and for the sake of cuteness. They're attached to both the headband and the bows to keep everything together.

Aaaand that's it! I've got quite a few projects I'm working on (y'know, like that other Wa-Lolita commission :3), so I'll be posting again real soon!

Miss Chubi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finishing Up Tigger!

Yup, the title pretty much says it all. Today and yesterday I've been working on nothing but this in order to get it shipped out in time! The more of it I complete, the more happy I am with how it's turning out! ♡ 
^^ The kimono top is now complete! Since my last post, I've sewn the ruffles onto the sleeves, and finished those off with ribbon, as well as finishing the bottom with some bias tape. I also tried something a bit different with the closure - I decided to sew in a sort of belt mechanism, to tie it shut instead of using velcro as I have in the past. The belt is suuuper long, so it can be wrapped around the waist about two times, and really hold everything in place.

^^ Waist cincher progress! Since I put cording into the collar, I decided to put some in the princess seams on the front of this to tie it together more. I also think it looks more "cartoony", like Tigger does! (By the way, I'm getting mega confident in my shirring skills! :D)

^^An up close view of the cincher finished - and it's finished with the same bias tape as used in the bottom of the kimono top.

^^Giant bow!

^^The top with the cincher..

^^FINALLY, getting to finish the ruffle-y underskirt! One tier..

^^Two tier..

^^Three tier - done!

^^Finally, all the skirts gathered together! It's much fuller than I thought it'd be ♡

^^And everything together! (There's not a petticoat under there, so the skirt's definitely not as full as it could potentially be!)

This is where I stand on progress thus far. I've started on the legwarmers, and will be finishing those next, along with the tail and headband! I'm planning on taking nice pictures tomorrow (hopefully it doesn't rain, for once >___<). So the next time you'll be seeing this will be in all of it's completed glory, all pieces intact! 

Miss Chubi