Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black & Cream Wa Lolita Commission Pictures

If you recall my original sketch:

And the finished piece itself: (The blue is definitely not that blue as it shows up in the pictures.. it's more of a teal. But I've been fighting with my camera on this issue the entire time I've worked on this commission, and have yet to win.)

^^Extra long bow tails are ♡!

Miss Chubi


  1. Cute!

    I keep thinking I should make a wa-lolita outfit since I love kimono.

    May I ask how is your bow attached to your waist clincher?

  2. Thank you! ♡♡
    Uhm. I just used safety pins :P It's the best way I've been able to find without sewing the bow to the obi.
    You should definitely give it a shot! Good luck to you~