Monday, September 19, 2011

Tigger-Inspired Wa-Lolita Commission Progress

When I first read the email I got for this commission, I had to do so twice. She wants a what-inspired Wa-Lolita outfit?! O: I was a little nervous at first, and wasn't sure I'd be able to take on something this different. But as I sat there, the brainstorming started kicking in to full drive - I just couldn't help it! These are the types of commissions I love - the ones where the client says: Just do your thing! I trust that you'll make something awesome, I just want it to be Wa-Lolita and Tigger-iffic! There's nothing quite like total creative freedom that can be both extremely terrifying and liberating at the same time. And soon enough I'd imagined the perfect outfit:

^^Yes, it's totally costume-y, convention-worthy, and lots of fun! There's a lot of things I get to do in this including: legwarmers! (this was my favorite accessory later in high school and college, so getting to do legwarmers again is quite a treat), a tail! (which will be stuffed to hold the Tigger-shape, and probably sewn to an elastic band so it can be more of a belt, and worn over or under whichever skirt layer is most preferable), and tigger ears! (I'll be honest - I haven't ever actually done animal ears on a headband before.. but I'm absolutely positive I can pull it off :3). 

OH. And.. since Tigger's stripes are so.. Tigger, I'm going to have to sew on each individual stripe. You would think finding fabric that's orange with black tiger stripes wouldn't be hard - but apparently it is! If only Tigger were light pink or baby blue and white-striped, I wouldn't have to do this extra step. But I'm all for authenticity and attention to detail, and I'd like this outfit to look as close to the source material as I can... even if it means hours of extra work.

^^Lots o' fabric! I've got about 18 yards here in total.

^^ Overskirt, cut out and ready for some magic.

^^Hem ruffle - it's just been stitched on here..

^^Oh, and what a difference serging and top-stitching makes!

^^Tigger stripes cut out and pinned to the overskirt. Let the fun satin stitching begin..!

^^.. about an hour later, the stripes are finished! 

^^Cutting out lots of rectangles, sewing them together, and them hemming them all doesn't make for the best photographic material, so I chose to not photograph them. Instead, you can see the layers of the underskirt, all hemmed and ready to be ruffled, along with the finished overskirt. Yes, I've still got to get the waistband and zipper sewn in.. but I've got to wait on my ribbon to come in first, that way I can finish the seams for the ruffle-y underskirt. I can't wait to see these underskirts properly ruffled and gathered into their waistband! ♡

These are all the photos I've got for now - I've also got the kimono top cut out and ready to be striped, which I'll be getting to here shortly! 

I've also got an update! So, remember how I went to Matsuricon nearly a month ago, and promised to upload pictures of the dress I made?! Well, I finally have - and I'm sporting my new wig! Check it out HERE.

Miss Chubi


  1. So cute, you did a great job creating something so cute. Can't wait to see the outcome!

  2. @ KittyDragon Aww, thank you! ♡♡

  3. Oh my god that is going to be so cute.You are doing a great job.

  4. @ ValaB Wow, thank you so much! ♡♡♡