Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finishing Up Tigger!

Yup, the title pretty much says it all. Today and yesterday I've been working on nothing but this in order to get it shipped out in time! The more of it I complete, the more happy I am with how it's turning out! ♡ 
^^ The kimono top is now complete! Since my last post, I've sewn the ruffles onto the sleeves, and finished those off with ribbon, as well as finishing the bottom with some bias tape. I also tried something a bit different with the closure - I decided to sew in a sort of belt mechanism, to tie it shut instead of using velcro as I have in the past. The belt is suuuper long, so it can be wrapped around the waist about two times, and really hold everything in place.

^^ Waist cincher progress! Since I put cording into the collar, I decided to put some in the princess seams on the front of this to tie it together more. I also think it looks more "cartoony", like Tigger does! (By the way, I'm getting mega confident in my shirring skills! :D)

^^An up close view of the cincher finished - and it's finished with the same bias tape as used in the bottom of the kimono top.

^^Giant bow!

^^The top with the cincher..

^^FINALLY, getting to finish the ruffle-y underskirt! One tier..

^^Two tier..

^^Three tier - done!

^^Finally, all the skirts gathered together! It's much fuller than I thought it'd be ♡

^^And everything together! (There's not a petticoat under there, so the skirt's definitely not as full as it could potentially be!)

This is where I stand on progress thus far. I've started on the legwarmers, and will be finishing those next, along with the tail and headband! I'm planning on taking nice pictures tomorrow (hopefully it doesn't rain, for once >___<). So the next time you'll be seeing this will be in all of it's completed glory, all pieces intact! 

Miss Chubi


  1. Ahh! It's soo cute! I do wish I had more time to sew or the money to commission handmade.

  2. Aw, thank youuu! ♡
    I say, if sewing is something that makes you happy (not to mention expands your wardrobe :3), you should definitely make time for it!
    Also, I definitely work with potential clients on pricing, and payment installments are always an option ♡