Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iron Upgrade

It took me long enough, but I've finally upgraded! For the longest time I've been using this super crappy iron that was the "family iron?" or whatever in our household. I'm pretty sure my parents got it from Wal-Mart for like $5 - it's a piece of junk. Most of the time it just gushes out water all over my iron board and/or fabric, making a huge mess and slowing me down. Earlier this week I noticed water leaking out of where the cord is! This finally made me realize how much I need a new iron >_<

^^Behold the ugly piece of junk.

I've actually been meaning to order a nice Rowenta one from Amazon or something, but it's something that's always in the back of my mind. So today while we were making our bi-weekly Costco run, I ran across this: 

^^I was definitely not sold on it, but considering it was only $25, and in all ways a million times better than my old one, I decided to just go with it. Hey, going with this option is way better than getting electrocuted, right? :D

^^The newness, in all his glory! It even came with a cup to fill it up :3 Just by holding it, I can tell it was a worthy investment. It's a lot heavier, and holds about 3x more water. It's also got a little door where you put the water in - the old one didn't have one, so water would just gush out of the top =__=

I haven't had the pleasure of trying it out yet - I actually just put it through a self-cleaning cycle to get it prepped for use. I'm super excited to use it while I work on finishing up my Black & Cream Wa-Lolita commission today! :D

Miss Chubi

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