Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some Wa-Lolita Outfit Progress (Yes, Another One! :3)

Apparently, Wa-Lolita is a lot more popular than I originally thought, when I took my first order for one several months ago. I'm now working on my third and fourth outfit commissions for this style, and I've got to be honest - this style's really growing on me! After making this many, maybe I'll make an outfit for myself one day ^_~

This is one of the two Wa-Lolita pieces I'm working on. I posted the sketch a few weeks ago, and stated that I'd be working on it a little bit at a time over a few weeks. Well, it's been about four already, and it's got to be finished and ready to ship in two!

^^The original sketch. As usual, the color scheme and fabric were all picked out/approved by the client. I'm really loving the black & cream floral print, and it's even more lovely in person.

^^The fabrics! This teal color is photographing soo weird, but that's probably due to the fact that I've been using terrible artificial lighting vs the natural light I usually photograph my work in.

^^Some of the pieces cut and laid out. Cutting out pattern pieces takes a really long time - especially when doing so for Wa-Lolita. I usually spend the entire first night I work on a project just on cutting out all the pieces. (I'm also terribly paranoid about making sure all the measurements are in check - and because of this, I've caught so many mistakes and prevented a lot of wasted fabric!)

^^ The collar! Ruffled and pinned and ready to sew!

^^The finished result :3

^^Preparing to sew the ruffle onto the overskirt...

^^Aaaand it's sewn!

^^Now it's complete with a finished waistband.

I've also got the underskirt all cut out, and each of the four tiers hemmed and ready to ruffle. I'm just waiting on my ribbon to get here, so I can get that part finished.

That's about all for now... I'm planning on spending the majority of my weekend working on this second Wa-Lolita coord, as it needs to be finished a lot sooner than this one! I'm going to try my hardest to have it ready by Tuesday-ish... but we'll see. I'll be posting all about that outfit either later today or tomorrow, as I hardly have any progress atm. Since I have yet to post the sketch or even talk about it at all, I'll just say - this is definitely the most costume-y and playful outfit I've made. I'm quite excited to be working on it, as it so different than anything I've done before!

Miss Chubi


  1. I love that fabric xxx

  2. @ Funny Little Frog Ahh, I know right? It's so lovely in person! Thank you! ♡