Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Wa-Lolita Commission Gets Finished

As I started writing this post, I realized that I haven't updated my progress on this commission in quite a while! The last time I left off, I had finished the overskirt and sewn the collar into the top - and that's about it. Well, I've done a lot since then: 

^^Ruffle-y underskirt, tier 1

^^Ruffle-y underskirt, tier 2 -

^^Waistband and zipper sewn in, and done! :3

^^A glimpse of how lovely the skirts look together ♡

^^The sleeve! I've sewn in the cream extension..

^^And completed it off with lovely ruffles.

Everything pictured above is progress I made like last week or something before I got Tigger finished. So basically all I had to do tonight is what follows: 

^^The sleeves are sewn on, the sides of the kimono are sewn together, the bottom is finished, and it has a belt sewn in to keep everything closed, which means this kimono top is finished! ♡

^^Waist cincher, about half finished. Also, the colors are so horribly off in this photo! D:

^^Way more accurate colors, plus the cincher is finished! 

^^Cincher, with top! For some reason, I've got the skirts on my mannequin off to the side, lol. Oh well - I'll be posting way better pictures of everything tomorrow anyways! 

^^Giant bow for the back - with extra long tails. ♡

^^Last, but certainly not least! The headdress ♡ I'm so happy my awesome client requested this type of headdress! I've really been wanting to do something more traditional like this for a while, and I'm really happy I got the opportunity/excuse to make this piece of loveliness. I think headdresses like this can be really gorgeous and exceptionally dolly ♡

And it's finished! Hopefully tomorrow's a nice day (because today certainly wasn't =__=) so I can take nice pictures of everything completed and together ♡

Oh, and a bit of an update on my new iron! I used it all tonight in the finishing of this commission, and I just love it! I simply cannot understand why I kept putting off upgrading. It's nice and heavy, and gets much hotter, so pressing fabric takes like half the time it used to ♡ It also has an "auto shut off" feature, which may be annoying for some people, but I really like it. I tend to leave an iron on all day, so it's nice to know it turns off when I'm not using it. I've also been known to leave my iron on overnight on more than one occasion, so I'll rest assured knowing our apartment won't accidentally get burned down due to my forgetfulness! >_<

Miss Chubi

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