Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitty Hoodie x2

So it seems this hoodie is probably my most popular item in my shop. I've sold quite a bit of them, each one being different. I received this commission quite a big ago, but I've been unable to work on it until now because of super slow shipping, which has put me super behind in my work. I don't like making my clients wait, and I try to get things done as quickly as humanly possible - and I definitely set a record last night! I started and finished these two kitty hoodies in a little over six hours! :D It definitely helped that I was working on them simultaneously, and since they were made of the same fabric, I didn't have to worry about switching thread colors, which definitely sped things up. No progress photos this time - just the finished products!

^ The finished garments - I love having two mannequins! This is the first time I've put color in the ears, and it's looking a lot better than I thought it might. I ended up using fleece since it doesn't fray, I figured it was the best choice. (Also, sorry about the lighting.. it's been raining/overcast like all week ;__;)

^Definitely a new spin on this hoodie! I've never done a vest version of this, and I think it turned out totally cute!

^ Pom-poms! That was a fun thing I got to figure out how to do - but now I know, and I think I'll be incorporating these into future designs more.

^This hodie has a more "normal" waistband and cuff size. This style would definitely fit over petticoats better ^_^

These hoodies will be going over to Australia! I'm pretty sure they're for my client and her friend, and I'm positive they'll look absolutely cute in them! ♡

Anyways, that's it for now - I've gotta get to work on a big outfit commission including a skirt, two blouses, and a petticoat! :D I'm aiming to have them finished by the end of this week - hopefully on Friday I'll have pics, but we'll see.

Miss Chubi

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