Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Month's Rose Printed Dress Commission

Here we are, another lovely rose-printed dress! This is a dress I got commissioned for nearly a month ago. But due to my pile of orders on top of ordering in fabric, and my own latency on ordering in lace, I wasn't able to really fully dive into working on this dress until... Monday. Yes, two days ago. 

^Have a look at this delicious print! It's a bit washed out in the photos below, so take it in while you can.

^Please excuse the quality of photos - it'd been raining/overcast all day (of course -__-), so this was the best I could do. Looking at these photos now it seems like I meant to set it up this way as the lighting is so dramatic! 
Anyways - this dress is just so dolly. It honestly makes my mouth water to look at it. I don't meant to get all self righteous or whatever, but sometimes when I look at my work, it's hard to believe that I actually created it with my own two hands. The only thing I wish was different was the poofyness   (isn't it always?). As always it's definitely got the potential for it! The dress is just a bit longer than my petticoat would like.

^It's official. I've fallen in love with the flat peter pan collar. Before in my designs, I've always used a standing peter pan, but after creating this, I'm totally sold on the flat! I love how innocent and instantly-dolly it looks.

^This lace. So delicious. I was quite lucky to find this lace in the exact quantity I needed. I believe it's "vintage", so I'm not sure if it can even be bought anywhere in stores. Not only does the color match perfectly, but I also think the sort of leaf motif thing goes together really well with the rose print.

^In this photo the sleeve looks like an actual doll's sleeve! It looks so tiny, especially with my fingers in there :3 

^Last, but not least - the headband. Of course it's sewn made with my new found professional-looking technique. Yummy!

This OP dress is pretty similar to this one I made nearly two months ago, hence the almost identical blog title. However, the small differences almost make it look like a totally different dress! It's really amazing (to me at least) how each of these dresses are totally different in personality, yet have nearly identical design elements~