Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wha..? December's almost over!

Well that went by really fast! O: It feels like I just blogged about the end of Novemeber a few days ago, not a few weeks ago! Wow. I suppose this is a good thing though, because it means I've been really busy. Let's see what I've been up to for the past three weeks~

^First, I got to make my lovely bloomers in.. pink! Of course this means I also got the pleasure of dyeing the fabric~

^I sold a lot of these blouses during my Black Friday sale! I made two of them in straight white, and a third in white, with a scrumptious mint bow (which of course was hand dyed by me). Stay tuned for more mint clothing in the future! (I've already got a handful of mint commissions on the books~)

^If you've been reading my blog long, you may remember this skirt from the petticoat comparison I made waaaaay back. Ironically, this skirt is not very poofy here, as this was made in plus size, which my petticoat is not T__T. This skirt does have a lot of poof potential, it's just not being used to it's - fullest here. I did, however, get a chance to make my lovely long sleeved blouse up in cream - yum! I love the lace and buttons I ended up using for this blouse - detail just below.

^My headbands have also been upgraded! I've figured out how to make them worlds better by covering the headband part with fabric instead of just lazily glueing ribbon to it >_<; I'm so proud of how these look ♡

^This of course is my punk lolita high waisted skirt.. which is not looking very punk anymore! Done up in a lovely pink and yellow plaid, this skirt is now sweet (and kinda reminds me of delicious pink lemonade in person :3). I've also created my charcoal turtleneck cutsew in ivory, to match - detail below. I don't have photos, but you see the small bow on the blouse? At my client's request, I also made one in pink and one in plaid for ultimate outfit coordinating!

^Lovely lovely ruffly blouse lightly inspired by a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright garment. Ruffley ruffles look mega ruffley in this photo - mostly because this particular mannequin is really curvy, and her bust is.. really pointy. So that area of the blouse is a little bit exaggerated. The sleeves are elasticized, ruffled, and laced, and I've sewn a ribbon in the front to tie into a lovely bow. Of course, the pink was dyed by none other than myself~ See this blouse with the plaid skirt just below.

I suppose this just about sums it up! These past few weeks have just been insane! I'd been sewing 10-12 hours a day, getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night and feeling like a total robot. BUT I've loved every bit of it! I wish I was busy like this all the time. Yes, I was completely stressed out and exhausted, but getting to do what I love is so completely and totally worth it. ♡

So the lesson I've learned in this chaos is... to have more sales? That Black Friday one was the first and only sale I've done, and as I've mentioned before - it was an overwhelming success! Since Christmas and the New Year are coming up, maybe I should do something for that? Hm...

^In all this chaos and confusion, I somehow managed to add new items to my shop as well - ear warmers! I got the idea to make a lovely pair of Lolita ear warmers when I visited the mall nearly two months ago with a friend/fellow client ^_^ I picked up a pair of ugly ones at FXXI and wore them about the store. I would've bought them if they weren't so... ugly, lol. It's also my personal dogma/philosophy/way of thinking that if I can make something, then I should do so instead of buying it. I don't really like to support slave labor/harsh working conditions in garment factories overseas, etc. (let's save this conversation for another day, shall we? Gee, all this talk just over a pair of ear muffs!?) Anyways. I've had the idea to make ear warmers since then, and I just had to clear away some time to play around and figure out the design last week. The idea was just eating away at my brain and I had to produce it. In addition to the pink, I've also made them in black and white.

^Ugh, black on black on black on black on black. Yeah, I know it's hard to see, but this is currently the only wig I have!

*Whew* Okay, that's the last of everything, for real this time! I actually did just finish a super lovely dress commission, buuuut I'll save that post for tomorrow ^_~


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