Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So long, November~

So, this month was very roller coaster-y. I started off the month with a custom commission (my favorite type of work) and getting my first - hopefully not last - consignment opportunity. Then I hit a dry spell. A very dry spell. It's times like these that I tend to get really down on myself and become super pessimistic. Because when I'm not creating, I feel incredibly worthless.
However, I took the opportunity of having a bit of break from orders and turned my negative energy into creating new pieces for my line. I put out five new pieces this month, so it's safe to say I've kept busy. Let's have a look, shall we? (Click on the photos to enlarge so you can read the text.)

^^I started off the month with a Lolita essential - bloomers. Now, I've made bloomers before, but they were of the super-fast, hastily-put-together, not-very-fun-looking variety that I made for myself one night when I realized I wanted to wear Lolita daily. But I needed a really nice looking, lovely pair for my shop - and I really wanted to upgrade mine. I really like bloomers, and as I stated above, I believe they're an absolute must. Not only do they help give your skirt more poof under that petticoat, they also - um... cover your behind if you were to say fall down, or have the wind blow up your skirt. These can be found in my shop HERE.

^^A long-sleeved button up! This is an essential as well, especially as the days grow colder, and winter sets in. My short sleeved blouses have done exceptionally well, and I hope to say the same about these. This addition also came out of a personal need - I have no long-sleeved blouses! I think it's quite lovely, and everything about it makes me feel more doll-like when I wear it. (I actually just shipped out two of these in white this morning!) This can be found in my shop HERE.

^^Ah, the plaid skirt. For some reason, I have a lot of plaid fabric in my stash. However, since most of it was bought two years or so ago when I worked at a fabric store, I can't find any of it anymore as it's been clearanced out/discontinued. That little fact was stopping me for a while, but the need to create overtook my fear of not being able to reproduce this skirt in this exact plaid. I decided to just go for it, and have the client and I find a plaid particular to their liking when they order one. This way, well... it really can be one of a kind! (I think it looks just magical when paired with my long sleeved blouse!) This can be found in my shop HERE.

^^This idea has also been brewing around in my head for.. oh, as long as I can remember. I've had a similar animal ear hoodie in my shop for about a year now, and they've done really well! I was just... kind of done with the faux fur. Every time I'd work with it, it'd get everywhere, including my nose and throat; it's not super easy to wash; it's not particular warm or soft feeling, in my opinion. Not to mention, cheap faux fur really isn't Lolita. So I found this lovely, plush-fuzzy-super-soft-super-warm polyester fabric. I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for, and this is my favorite hoodie I've ever made - which is saying a lot, as I've made lots of different hoodies. Why bear ears, you ask? Well, it wouldn't be a lie to say I was heavily inspired by one of my favorite anime, Lain :3 This can be found in my shop HERE.

^^Last, but certainly not least! I released this gem over the Black Friday weekend, so it's only been in the shop for a few days. A long sleeved cutsew is something that I've been wanting to pursue for a while, as I don't have any (or many) long sleeved blouses/shirts. This idea came into my head quite rapidly one day while out grocery shopping, so once I got home and settled, I go to work, and here it is. Turtlenecks are typically not my piece of pie, but I remember seeing a lovely coord by someone on Tumblr (I honestly cannot remember who or where I saw this - believe me, I searched forever) and the girl was wearing a turtleneck. I immediately fell in love, and I suppose this elusive turtleneck was in my subconscious while designing this blouse. Needless to say, the turtleneck does not bother me in the least, and I absolutely adore this blouse! (I wore it out while fabric shopping over Black Friday weekend~) This can be found in my shop HERE.

Also, my Black Friday sale was a huge success! So thanks to all of you who took advantage :D This was my first sale I've ever done, and I'm quite happy with the turnout. I definitely plan to do more sales/promotions in the future.

So now that November comes to a close, it's starting off exactly opposite of how it opened. I now am up to my neck in orders - mostly from Black Friday - and I'm feeling very optimistic.
Hopefully December stays the same~


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