Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Consignment Opportunity~

A few weeks ago I was contacted on Etsy about the possibility of selling my plushies in a nearby local floral shop. Being the slightly paranoid person that I am, of course I thought it was a scam or something. You see, in the past I have been contacted by somewhat sketchy sources on Etsy, and those opportunities felt a little wrong or just plain weird. But after some research, and paying the shop a little visit, I decided to go through with it. 
The shop is called EcoFlora - they're a cozy floral shop that sells locally grown plants and flowers, and it's run by an incredibly awesome woman. Their website can be found HERE if you're interested. They also sell a lot of handmade gifts, art, and plushies - which is where I come in! :D
Today the contract was settled, and the deal was made! I'm only starting out with a few pieces, and depending on how they sell, I'll bring in more or whatever. 

^^Hehe, Miss Chubi poses with a bag full of plushies :3

Below you'll see my Bunny Faces and Zombie Face set up with the other plushies - see if you can pick them out! ^_~

I'm super stoked and incredibly optimistic about this opportunity! Seeing as they haven't sold super well online, I'm hoping they'll do much better in person. I'll definitely be keeping tabs and posting about their success (or failure ;__;).

Miss Chubi