Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Khaki Corduroy Jumperskirt~

Earlier this week I was working on my most recent commission, a khaki corduroy under-bust JSK. I haven't had much experience working with corduroy, so I was totally excited to dive into this. After finishing this, I realize it's actually really nice to work with - it washes great, irons great, and sews great! I really think there should be more corduroy in Lolita fashion ^_^

^^ My original sketch~ I love the look and colors my client and I decided to go with. It's simple, but with a touch of school girl, and a little classic thrown in.

^^Materials and fabrics. Cotton lace is so lovely~

^^Bodice and lining, cut out and ready to to be sewn together and laced. I decided to go with d-rings down the back seams so it can have lace up functionality. I'm a big fan of using this technique, as it guarantees a perfect fit.

^^A detail of the bodice lined and laced. And my tag!

^^The skirt hems. This is actually two skirts - an over and an underskirt. I decided to "line" the skirt with an under layer of cotton in order to give it a better shape, as the corduroy was pretty light weight.

And the finished piece! 

I really enjoyed working with corduroy, and I love how this piece turned out. (I may need to make one for myself, in black :3) As I've been working on a lot of things for cold weather, I think something like this might become a regular piece in the shop~

Miss Chubi

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