Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Resplendent Nightmare Shoot~

(I found this in my post archives, and just realized that I forgot to publish it! Late? Yes. But better now than not at all.)

Wow. What a busy month! September flew by in a total flash. I had scheduled the Resplendent Nightmare photo shoot for the 29th, so I spent most of the month ordering and waiting on fabric to get to me, stressing out about not having enough time left to get everything finished, and worrying about what I was going to do about the models who cancelled on me last minute. Well I'm glad to say that October is finally here, which means I've had a few days to myself to finally just relax and chill out.

As mentioned above, the shoot did take place this past weekend, on Saturday. Once again, I teamed up with my photographer friend, Rachel Lauren, who brought along her gorgeous wolfdog, Lucian. I had my super talented make-up artist friend, Jessa do her magic on my model's faces (she doesn't have an online portfolio thing yet, so I can't link you to her work atm ;A;), and she did an amazing job transforming all my models into gorgeous living dolls.

Speaking of models, well.. that was an experience all in itself. Never before have I had so many issues with models skipping out or flaking on me in one shoot. I started getting this shoot together all the way back in July, because I wanted to give people plenty of notice and time to sort out schedules, etc. because I knew this would be a big all day event. Well... one of my models went a little MIA throughout the planning, so I had to replace her with another one who cancelled on me the afternoon before the shoot. And the day of the shoot, one of the models completely failed to show up or give any sort of notice. So, one of my outfits (a skirt/blouse coord in sapphire) was not even in the shoot at all, and I ended up having to model the boystyle coord myself. Luckily I was of similar size to the model who was supposed to wear that so with a bit of alteration, I was able to fit into it just fine. I'm just glad I already have a handful of other shoots already in place to show off other color-ways and variations of my pieces.

Needless to say, all my other models were nothing short of spectacular. I was impressed on Saturday, and after seeing the shots, I'm even more impressed with how they make my work look so lovely ♡

Models, from left to right: Shelbi, Cody (my bf), Kristy, Noah, Allison, and myself~


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