Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spontaneous Holiday Giveaway~

Hello all! Long time, no see. I know :( But I'm back with a surprise: it's giveaway time!

First things first: rules.
The giveaway will end on midnight of the 25th (EST), and a winner will be chosen and announced sometime that day.
The winner will be received a bunch of Resplendent Nightmare stuff, including:
✦ Jabot OR Neckbow (winner's choice)
✦ Tights OR 2 pair of knee-highs (winner's choice)
✦ 2 Headbows
✦ Long-sleeved cutsew

The winner will of course get to choose the colors of their prizes, as well as send me their measurements, so all sizes and body types are welcome. I also ship worldwide, so anyone, anywhere can enter!
Speaking of which, you can enter by clicking the "Giveaway" box under my banner on my facebook page (or you can just enter below), as well as sharing the giveaway announcement that's posted on my page.

I was going to wait 'til my next like-goal of 1000, but I couldn't resist not doing something for the holidays :3 (Also, 3 months without a blog entry?! That's inexcusable - I'm so sorry ;A;)

Good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays!


  1. Hello Miss Chubi,

    I'd have to say that my recent favorite motif for Lolita is the stained glass (or angels) print. There's something about it that speaks to me!


  2. Hello there. I really like fantasy themes for Lolita. One theme I don't think I've ever seen in Lolita style is the Chinese zodiac. I just imagine the 12 animals of the zodiac being really cute, and it has more meaning to me than a lot of the puppy prints I've seen from some brands.

  3. I really like cutesy themes for lolita. I don't think I've really seen a lot of galactic themes (kinda like the new vocaloid's dress pattern) I think it would be really awesome to see~

  4. I think that the prints that feature illustration-type border designs are my favorite.

    And congrats on being so close to your 1000 like goal!!!

  5. i think my favorites would be fantasy themed and the tried and true classic theme. These two are my go-to styles!

  6. I accidentally posted my answer on a different blog entry. Should I repost it here?

    1. Hm.. could you copy-paste it to this entry? That way it's easier to keep track of. Thanks! ^_^

  7. What's your favorite Lolita theme/motif? OR what type of print would you like to see that hasn't been done before, etc.?

    The funny thing is that I have been thinking of this question before I even read it as one of the requirements!

    You know how some brands are taking famous pieces of artwork and using them to make prints? I would love to see a collaboration done with Leilani Joy. I just recently discovered her and I love her artwork! I found her on youtube, but here is her website where you can view her artwork. She also has an Esty store where you can get her artwork on buttons, keychains, iphone covers, etc. http://www.leilanijoy.com/

    She has some pieces that really reads as Lolita to me, but honestly I would love to wear any of her artwork on a dress or skirt, even on a bag! Here is her youtube channel. I hope you get a chance to look at her stuff, I think that the two of you could make some awesome looking stuff! (if it would be something you two would be interested in doing, which I hope it is!!!)
    -Lolita Doll 11

  8. I'm really not picky about motifs on my dresses. I really like sweet lolita, but I don't like all the crazy sweets on it! :3 but i generally care more about color and style than the prints themselves.

  9. I would love to see more starry themes or mythology themes in lolita outfits!

  10. I would like to see a cupcake design if possible?

  11. I Love Either Gothic Prints Or Disney Inspired Prints.


  12. What's your favorite Lolita theme/motif? OR what type of print would you like to see that hasn't been done before, etc.?

    I would absolutely LOVE raven/crow prints! I love gothic prints, and not only is it a gothic element, I think it'd be totally neat to see crows/ravens on a darker-themed print~

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  14. What's your favorite Lolita theme/motif? OR what type of print would you like to see that hasn't been done before, etc.?

    My favorite Lolita theme would have to be any elegant, princess styled prints in pink. I LOVE pink!!! <3333 Angelic Pretty's Little Bird Symphonia is my dream dress and a perfect example of what I love.

  15. My favorite is large motifs on velveteen. Other than that, I love the rococo style and Mucha style of works. I love big bold colors.

  16. While I don't particularly have a favorite lolita theme, beyond really adoring the color hunter green, I'd really love to see a print that used musical symbols other than just the basic quarter note (i.e. two base cleft symbols forming a heart, making a flower out of the sound-hold shapes, if you turned the alto clef on it's side it would make a lovely border, ...)

  17. A lolita Theme that i haven't seen yet would have to be fangs on a lolita dress to make it a gothic vampire lolita dress.