Friday, January 4, 2013

The Super Late/Huge Christmas Blog Post~

So yea, it is the new year already, but I haven't gotten a chance to write about Christmas yet! This year was super busy as my boyfriend and I drove all around and back and forth to 4 different christmases in order to see everyone. My parents are divorced, and most of my family lives out of state, so it was a lot of driving and celebrating the holiday on different days.

✦ Baking ✦
Last Christmas I made chocolate chip cookies for everyone, and this year I continued in that tradition. But I wanted to make *Christmase-y* cookies instead of boring chocolate chip, so I decided to use my new cookie press to make fun shapes and then decorate them with delicious icing and sprinkles :3 I used this recipe for the cookies, and left out the almond extract (gross); I attempted to use this one for the icing, but after following the recipe and ending up with just a bowl of powdered sugar, I opted to just throw things together until it looked/tasted right. And apparently, it did. I heard nothing but good things about these cookies :3

I also made cutey cinnamon treats for my mom's dogs, but totally forgot to get a picture =__=

✦ Gifts 
I feel really lucky this year, in terms of gifts. I knew for a fact that I was getting a new camera - because 1) my boyfriend sucks at keeping secrets from me, and 2) I'd been hinting so heavily all year long, since the refurbished Fujifilm he got me last year was less than spectacular. But everything else was a complete and total surprise. 

Since um... I was using the camera to take the pictures... here's the box :p Don't get me wrong, I was super thankful/grateful for the Fujifilm I got last year, but it wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted had been sold out, and preferring to surprise me instead of asking me what other models he should look into, he got the Fujifilm. It was okay for a bit, but then I started to notice how grainy/dirty/dingy my photos always looked coming from the Fujifilm. It was really irritating. I haven't used the Nikon very much yet, but the few photos I have taken are leaps and bounds better than anything taken on the old camera.

This was a complete surprise from my dad! I knew he was getting something special, as him and my boyfriend were keeping secrets from me. I never would've guessed it'd be this though. ♥ I could always use another dress form - especially since I'm pretty much back down to one form. The white one I picked up about a year ago was broken when I received it, and it's only gotten more broken since then and I can't really use it for anything except then sad doorstop it's become. Perhaps I'll turn it into a lovely piece of decor one day.

She is so lovely ♥ And a bit bigger than the one I have - which is great!

And the last surprise... a wig?! O__O Yep. My Auntie is super awesome ♥ I don't really get to see her much since we live in different states, and I really had no idea just how supportive of me/Lolita she is! She's really done her research, and having a conversation with her about Lolita and what I make was priceless, since most of my family doesn't really understand what I do. I knew exactly what it was upon opening the box and catching a glimpse of cotton candy-colored fiber, and I about died when I pulled this beauty out. I never expect to get anything Lolita/Loliable as gifts from family, except maybe a pair of tights here or there, but nothing like this. It's my first blended wig, and I really love it. I just wish I looked better in Sweet so I could get more use out of it ;A;

And of course upon taking this wig out of the box, I was met with puzzled looks from the rest of my family, which prompted me to give an impromptu lesson on wigs. Then my grandma took the wig from me and this happened: 

Best Christmas Ever. ♥

Coords ✦
I consider myself a daily Lolita, in that I wear Lolita on a regular basis whenever I go out in public. But seeing that I work from home, I typically go outside my house maybe... twice a week. Which means all the other days I'm make-up-less and sweat-panted. However these past few weeks I dressed up nearly every day, and though it was a bit tiring getting all dolled-up daily/coming up with so many coords, it was a lot of fun. Wearing Lolita makes me feel super pretty (for the first time in my life ever!) so I really enjoyed being dressed up so much between Christmas and New Years.

(Notice how crappy/dingy/dirty this picture looks? Yeah, the lighting is bad,  but this was also taken pre-Christmas, before I got my shiny new camera...)
This is the coord I wore to my first Christmas celebration. My Aunt and Uncle drove in from out of state, and we celebrated with my grandparents a few days prior to the holiday. It was also my first time wearing black lipstick (out in public :P) and I really like how it brought my look together. We also did last minute shopping before meeting up with everyone, so I enjoyed all the weird looks and staring children while in Best Buy :P
Wearing this look really solidified my love of the Gothic style. I feel like 2012 was a year of experimentation for both myself and Elegy, and I really feel like Gothic is my main style, as well as the right direction to focus on with my designs. As much as I adore Sweet & Classic, those styles really don't suit me or my personality, and I definitely feel the prettiest/most comfortable in black.

(Notice how much better this picture looks? Yes, there's actually light in this one,  but it was also taken with the new camera!)
Actual Christmas Day coord! This is the very first time I've had the opportunity to wear Resplendent Nightmare - I was waiting for something special, and Christmas seemed special enough! I felt super pretty in this coord, like a total Christmas doll. ♥

I don't have photos of the other 2 coords I wore for Christmas celebrations, but I did manage to get photos of a few other coords worn throughout the week:

A simple kuro lolita coord, featuring a JSK I made a little over a year ago and never got around to adding to the shop. This was just worn while out doing errands, nothing special.

Ah, well this is different. I really loved the wig I got from my Aunt, so I attempted a "pastel goth" sort of look. I don't think I look good in pastels or the Sweet style, so I attempted to make it more wearable with black. I'm not a big fan of how pink looks on me, but I think if I were wearing maybe lavender(?) in the place of the pink I'd be looking much happier, lol. The skirt I'm wearing is one of the first ones I made a few years ago while I was still figuring out what did and didn't work for Lolita. It usually resides in my closet alone, as I don't really wear pink. As much I love this wig and pastel wigs in general, I'll probably be saving it for some sort of giveaway in the future, as it doesn't totally work with my style. But it was a fun coord to wear to go see Django, haha.

Okay, okay. I'm done. I promise, that's it! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/whatever holiday you celebrate~