Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back at 2012, and onto the New Year~

Well, that was fast! Another year has gone by, and Elegy is still here. If you remember last year, I wrote up a New Year's Goals for 2012, and I'd like to check in and see what I've accomplished:
  • Step away from Etsy and have an independent shop. Yep, did this in the beginning of January!
  • Sell my garments at a con/event, etc. Yes! Did this at Frill in June.
  • Start vlogging. Yep, also started this in January. Granted, I haven't super kept up with it, but I did get it started which is pretty much all I wanted to do.
  • Get professional, embroidered labels for my garments. You bet! I did this early this year as well.
  • Have a photo shoot! Hell yes! I've had quite a few too.
  • Design & print my own fabric. Done not once, but twice! 
  • Upgrade my sewing machine. Sadly, no. :( Didn't quite have the funds for it this year.
  • Participate in a fashion show. Yeah! Again, thanks to Frill.
I think I did pretty well, accomplishing 7 of my 8 goals. And the one I couldn't accomplish was due to lack of money, not lack of motivation. (It's just really hard to save up money while paying off astronomical student loans ;A;)

In addition to all these goals, I also got published in two online magazines; did a lot of networking with photographers and models; got at least one secret made about me (maybe more, I don't know. I don't read BtB anymore); travelled to Georgia and participated in the first US Lolita convention, Frill; made a wedding dress (of which I still haven't blogged about D:); and got back into screen-printing. Now as happy as I am about all the things I've accomplished, I'm not slowing down. I already have a ton of stuff planned for next year!

Goals & Things for 2013:
  • Sell my garments at least 2 cons/events. I know for a fact that I already have 2 things planned/confirmed for next year, so I'm hopeful that my things sell, and sell well! 
  • Participate in more fashion shows. Frill was the only show I participated in last year. Part of the reason I don't do a lot of show is... because I don't know about any! I know there're fashion weeks and stuff, but I really don't know anything about the one where I live, and it's incredibly intimidating. 
  • Get published into more magazines, etc. Yes I would like some more exposure, please ^_^
  • Make-over my shop & logo. This is a big one. I know at this time last year I was working on the re-design for what my webshop is now, but over this year I've done A LOT of soul-searching and really feel that I've nailed what Elegy's style is, and what my brand is all about. I know this may seem like it's taken a long time, but since I was just getting into Lolita at the time I started Elegy... I've been searching to find my own personal style, as well as really settle on Elegy's. I think I've nailed it, and I already have my new branding look pretty much figured out. I just need time to apply it and carry it out. I'm hopeful to have the new website/shop launched by the end of January.
  • Get garment care labels. Ugh, this one. I've been so bad about getting this done. I've been super lazy in just writing down garment care and wash instructions - I know it's bad and unprofessional! It's just a huge task to design and get tons of labels printed - the minimums on these are typically pretty big, and since I use different fabrics for a lot of my garments, it adds up to a lot of money and a lot of tag variations. I know they'll end up lasting for years at that rate, but it's just something that keeps getting put off.
  • Release 4 prints/collections. This past year I did a lot of experimenting, as I mentioned above. I put out a lot of random designs and didn't really have a lot of organization when it came to collections.  I did a lot of shoots this year, and I think I got tied up with that, along with trying to figure out Elegy's style. This year, I'd like to nail it down to about 4 different prints/collections. Resplendent Nightmare was enormous and took a ton of time and money, and I think I was a bit too ambitious, because I was left broke and completely drained after it was over. Not that it wasn't a success! Because it definitely was. I just think I need to be more organized to help create a more cohesive brand. I've already got 2-3 prints figured out for next year, and I'm super excited to make them a reality.
  • Get organized! My studio is seriously a train wreck. Most of my fabric lays in heaps on a heavy-duty shelf thing, and the rest in a massive pile in a box on the floor. I already know exactly what I want to keep everything organized and nice, it's just a matter of investing in it. It's just been hard to find a consistant way to stay organized and feel settled, as I've moved pretty much every year for the past 8 years or so =__=
Hm.. I suppose this is pretty much it. As of now, I've got a head-start on a few of these things, so here's to hoping I can get them all accomplished! What're your goals and resolutions for the new year? 


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