Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The HUUUGE *Frill* Blogpost!

This past weekend, Frill came and went in a flurry of ruffles and petticoats! We left Friday morning around 9:30-ish, fully prepared for our 10-hour trek. Honestly, it's not as bad as it sounds, and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it'd be. We took my friend, Sarah's family van and split the cost of gas and the hotel room. We got in later that night, and the very next morning we got dolled up and attended one of the biggest and longest meet-ups ever! Haha.

Of course I took my camera along for vlogging, so enjoy the random thoughts and musings throughout the weekend:

Day One

On Saturday morning, we arrived at a quaint banquet hall. Not being from Georgia, I had no idea what to expect and hadn't realized it was taking place in such a comfy space. Upon opening the door I knew I'd made the right choice in choosing to participate in this event! So many ruffles and frills... it was amazing ♡

^So y'know how when you go to a con, and you're given this super ugly badge that hangs on a lanyard around your neck? Yeah, well Frill had these really cute buttons that served the same purpose and were a million times cuter! 

The boutique opened up a little while after we got there - and there was a mad dash as petticoated girls ran from the center room, down the hall to the boutique. I was among them, of course. It's not often that you get the chance to browse a variety of Lolita clothing, shoes, and accessories, with the added luxury of trying everything on! 

^All the shops that were showcased at the boutique - can you find my logo? O:

^The craziness that was the boutique. As you can see, there were fitting rooms in the back corner, and lots of loveliness everywhere! This isn't the best angle of the room, as most of the clothing, etc. is being obscured /: 

It was also mad hot in there, and I was all over the place trying on a number of different shoes and things, lol. Here's what I ended up purchasing:

^My very first split wig! At $25, how could I not have bought it?
Aaand shoes that aren't black! Hehe. I love the lavender, and was quickly drawn to these. Being used, they are a bit scuffed up, and the sole is coming a bit loose, but I'm seriously planning on taking them to a cobbler to be fixed. And at $35, I couldn't really complain. Now I just need more lavender things! D:
I'd already made up my mind about these posters when I saw them on Frill's tumblr a little while ago. They must and will be framed and hanging on the wall of my studio, soon enough.

Throughout the day we took lots of pictures - some of which were on my camera, and some of which were on my friend's or other random people's cameras, haha. 

^Soo I feel super awful because I was talking to this girl for a while, and I totally forget her name, and she wrote down all her infos on a napkin, which was then stuffed into my purse and probably accidentally thrown out while packing to leave :( Anyways, she makes cute deco things and whatnot and I feel bad that I'm so lame ;__; (Note to self: bring a notebook or something next year for important infos of importance!)

^Aaand a random Loli appears! Hearts x 3? Lol.

I also met up with a few clients, which was awesome! It's definitely the best feeling in the world to see someone not only wearing my creation, but being so happy with what it was that I made.

^ O: That's my jabot (which will be in the shop soon)! This was commissioned a few weeks ago to complete her "riding" inspired Lolita coord :3 Horrible lighting is horrible, as it was throughout the entire space we were in, so most of the photos I got were either blurry or of less-than-desirable quality, like this :(

^ It's the Roli Poli Loli! If you remember, I posted a review she wrote up about my blouse a little while ago. Even though it's hard to tell in this lighting (yes, it's blurry, but it was the better of the few that we took), she is in fact wearing my Lucille blouse in black! I think when this photo was taken we were waiting in line to have our photos "professionally" taken in front of a backdrop with adequate lighting (hooray!). I'm not sure when those will be up, but I'll definitely be posting them whenever they are!

"Frill at Night"

After panels and everything, there was a 2-hour break and Frill resumed with some more fun activities! I spent the majority of this time backstage getting ready for the fashion show, however. I didn't know who my models would be until around this time, so surprise! XD

During this time the "Princess Brolita & Prince Kodona" contest was taking place. My boyfriend was urged to register for it that morning while we were picking up our badges, so he was super excited to take part in it. I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to watch since I was backstage doing fashion show stuffs, however at the super last minute I was pulled away to be a "guest judge" for the event, since I was a designer and from far away, which meant I could have an "unbiased" opinion. That was totally nerve wracking. It was super fun though, and I didn't have my camera on me so I don't have any photos of anything going on. My boyfriend didn't end up winning (although he was close!). I still don't really know what the winners won though, lol.

^Snagged this from the Roli Poli Loli :3 I'm so happy she got a pic of him <3

And back to backstage, where we're just about ready to go on:

^Eee! Super excited :D I'd actually talked to the girl on the left earlier in the day, and was stoked to find out she was one of my models, and even happier that the dress fit so perfect. The girl on the right was super tiny and pretty much had the poofiest petticoat that day! The dress was more than a little big on her, and was pinned profusely in the back, which was then concealed by her long wig :3

^Getting lined up! Being my first fashion show, I was a little nervous about this. However, since I've been on photo shoots before, it wasn't much different. It was actually a bit easier than photo shoots because the entire actual show wasn't nearly as long as shoots can last. There was also professional shots taken of my models after the show, but I'm not sure when I'll be getting my hands on those.

That pretty much concludes the first day. I was super tired after all of this and couldn't wait to take off my petticoats and wig and just lay down.

Day Two

Sunday was pretty laid back. The only activities planned was the tea party, which didn't start until 2pm, and a feedback session afterwards, so we had a lot of time to kill that morning.

^ I stole my boyfriend's hat and wore boy-style! Of course I've got my freaking pink purse, though I'm trying to hide it behind my leg as I wait to check us out of the hotel :P

We ended up going to Krispy Kreme's for breakfast (donuts, yum!), and then killed time at a mall.

^ I definitely wanted to take this tiny carousel home - the perfect photo prop ♡

^ Aaand the bf, lol.

After killing lots of time, it's finally time for tea! 

^ The tea was donated by Lupicia - which is a Japanese tea company, and I think they were one of the Frill sponsors. However, I don't like tea (*gasp*), and it didn't matter much to me that the tea I was drinking was infused with vanilla and strawberry. With or without plenty of sugar it still tasted like dirty water to me /: On the other hand, the treats were super good! :D

^Me and my models <3 Ugh, I wish I wasn't tall all the time /:

^Hooray for the mixed Lolita  & Kodona "couple" <3 hehe

^Finally, one of my bf and I! <3

^Fellow judge of the Brolita/Prince Kodona contest :3 Totally didn't recognize her in this wig and Lolita coord, haha!

After all this fun, there was a lengthy feedback session/discussion with the attendees and the directors. Everyone had so many awesome ideas for improving this con and making it bigger/better next year. Yes, 10-hours is a long way to drive, but I definitely can't wait to go again next year! Hopefully we can get a group together to make the trip more fun, and make the con that much more enjoyable.

And finally, a quick reflection vlog, and showing off my purchases:



  1. Yaaaaay! First comment! :D *Special!*

    Awwwwwwwwwe! I don't know in which outfit you were cuter! I love all your loli dresses but you look adorable in boy style too!

    A Lolita that doesn't like tea.....GASP! O: jk,jk there are a lot I don't fancy either like earl grey is total yuck. Do you like chai tea? I think vanilla chai tea is best!

    Also, awwwwe I want to go to Frill! >.< Maybe next year!

    Double awwwwe you and your Bf are so cute together! You are so lucky that your other half is totally into the things you like! So cool!

  2. Aw, thank you Babo! :D

    So far, I don't like any tea, lol. At my first meet up a few months ago I tried some of the tea the other girls were drinking, and it was actually tolerable! I don't remember what is was they were drinking though /:

    Omg. If Babo went to Frill... *O* *speechless*
    That'd be a long way for you to travel though D:

    Hehe, thank you! Ah, I know right? It's so awesome to have someone who's weird like me and into dressing up and looking different than most of the population :3 lol

  3. Hii~! This is Amber, your model at Frill for "Striped Shadows". So yay.. I am really glad you got a nice photo of me modeling your dress; but really happy that the makeup job the ladies did doesn't look as tragic here as I recalled it in person. I showed my mother this photo and she loves both your looks, but really loves the one I was wearing.

    That said, I am super happy you enjoyed your time at Frill. And honored that I got to work with you, and glad you felt I did your work justice. I hope to see you in attendance at Frill next year! :)

    1. Amber, you found me! :D Yay!

      Lol, none of the photos I took were nice >_< You looked absolutely lovely though, and what I took didn't do you justice at all! Aw, you didn't like the make up? I didn't realize you weren't happy with it :( I thought you looked super beautiful <3

      Oh, and I'm happy to hear your mother approves of my work! That's really nice to hear ^_^

      I'm super pumped about next year, so you'll definitely see me! *Can't wait*

  4. Hey! This is Delano, I'm the one who commissioned the Jabot from you for the riding outfit. :3 The girl's name you couldn't remember was Jorie, if memory serves. Great blog post!

    1. Yayay! Hi :D
      Lol, yep that sounds right - thank you! <3