Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why I'm In Need of a Clone~

Easy. So I can get loads more work done! x__X

This week has been an absolute nightmare.
Wait. Correct that - this entire month, has been a nightmare. Along with a regular flow of orders, and the amount of work I've chosen to take on lately is quite immense. For example, the last 2 1/2 days I've spent upwards of 30 hours sewing my latest project. Last night alone I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep so I could quickly wake up to resume sewing in order to meet a shipping deadline. I don't mean to complain - in fact, I feel so lucky that I have been so busy lately - but I'm really so exhausted.

For the first time this week I got to relax for a few hours, after I packed my latest works into a large box and handed it over to be Expedited to it's location for a photo shoot. Lying on the couch in the air conditioning (my studio is on the second floor, and the a/c lacks motivation to actually cool my room, which means I'm usually sweating as I stich, ugh) was such a relief. Somehow I only ended up actually sleeping for a little over an hour, but it was nice to get to lay there just the same.

Now I need to de-clutter my studio so it's workable once again. Then, it'll be time once again to catch up on things like lax orders and the stack of unanswered emails and messages, and finally - finally! get the Lucky Packs up and going~

^My work table, which used to be clear, and has been collecting and piling up ever since before Frill D:

^Must, and will get a new system of fabric organization soon!

I'm really so excited about what it was that I've been working on, so I'll leave you with a small glimpse:



  1. Why not hire an intern? If there are any art or design collages (or even just a art program at the local Community college) you can offer the intern college credits (and a resume reference) for them helping you in your studio. It's basically FREE extra hands--and if it's an ART COLLEGE near you, you can register with the school and they might even send you more than ONE intern. Your interns can do all the organizing and the grunt work stuff that hampers you from just creating and finding more opportunities for your art to take off. Additionally really good fashion interns can do some of the nit picky finishing work (like making and sewing bows, ruffles, button holes and buttons--that while important tend to be annoyingly time consuming). Good Luck! I want you to succeed as you always just seem so nice and hard-working. Aside from that, I hope desperately one day that Lolita will be as common state side as it is in japan--hopefully you'll be one of the pioneers of that movement!

    1. Oh, I've most definitely thought about it! There's actually an art college (that I went to) pretty close to where I live. However, my studio is quite small and won't allow for another person to work in here. And I'm kinda nervous about other people working on my things - I think I'd be constantly worried/fretting over what they're doing and be making sure that it's good enough that it may cause me more stress, lol. Maybe in the future when I get bigger and acquire a better studio though!
      Aw, and thank you so much ♡ That really means a lot :)

  2. O..M..G..

    I wanna see! >.<

    Can't wait for my lucky pack! :D

    1. Hehe, soon! I promise ^_^
      Hooray for Lucky Packs! :D