Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Lucky Packs~

I've been wanting to do something like this for quite a while now, and I'm super happy that I've finally made these a realization! 

I'd like to thank my friend and super talented artist, Jessalyn for her amazing illustration!  If you head on over to my shop, you can see her work a lot better/bigger on my main page - she put a ton of work into the print detail on the skirt *O*
In case you don't know, Lucky Packs are something the Japanese Lolita Brands do. Typically they contain enough things to create whole outfit (or sometimes more) at a super discounted price. But here's the catch: you can't choose your size or colors or anything - they're a total surprise/gamble.

My Lucky Packs are a bit different, in that you get to input your measurements, as well as color preference, so you'll get something that'll suit both you and your closet. I decided on doing 4 (technically 5) different bundles at different price points:

Accessories, $100: Yep, pretty much a boatload of accessories - head bows, wrist cuffs, and a bunch of other things that have yet to be released in my store.
Basic (Sk), $175: This pack contains enough things to create one outfit, and is centered around a Lollipop Parade skirt. Ships with a Special Edition tote.
Basic (JSK), $200: This pack contains enough things to create one outfit, and is center around a Lollipop Parade JSK. Ships with a Special Edition tote.
Princess, $400: This pack contains enough things to create two entire outfits, and contains a few Lollipop Parade items. Ships with a Special Edition tote. This is also the only pack that ships for free!
Prince, $130: This pack contains enough things to create a boystyle or kodona look. This pack is special in that it caters specifally to both male and females (I even included a gender check box when checking out :P), so that way a girl won't be stuck with something intended for a guy (specifically for sizing purposes), and vice versa.

Since it takes a little while for me to get my Lollipop Parade fabric in, I won't start shipping the bundles for another 2 weeks. The Lucky Packs will be available for purchase for 2 weeks - until July 9th!

Have fun shopping~


  1. Loved my Lucky pack! My hair/outfits are going to be so much happier now! Thanks Buddie!

    1. Hooray! :D Yay for happier outfits, and happier hair :3