Thursday, June 7, 2012

Preparations for Frill~

Wow. I've literally been a sewing-robot over these past few weeks. With the wedding (more on that later...), handful of photo shoots, and Frill (this weekend, hooray!) all within weeks of each other... let's just say I'm amazed that I'm not currently in the fetal position, shaking underneath the coffe table.

That being said, I've got a lot of work I've been doing in preparation for my spot in the boutique that will be at Frill this weekend...

First of all, last week I spent a good amount of time creating 50-something lollipops. Ugh. Why, do you ask? For the goody bags that will be given out to those who purchased a VIP badge :P

^Plain lollys, on their way to be bowed..

^Yummy lollys, finished and ready for bagging.

^Bagged, and ready to be boxed & shipped out! <3

Honestly, making this many lollys was quite tedious, and I'm not sure that I'd be willing to do something of this magnitude again. I don't even want to think about the number of hours spent making these. My fingers were incredibly sore after tying and sewing all those tiny bows, etc. ;__;

I've known about this convention for quite a few months, but it's not like I intentionally waited until the last moment to begin working on my things for the boutique! I... sorta had to wait for some funds to make an appearance in my account before really getting started. That, and I've honestly been so busy with so many other things on top of regular orders. Frill always seemed like an eternity away, and then before I knew it, it was May D:

So I began working on Monday - just a few days ago. And I pretty much got everything finished that I wanted to! Every day this week I got up hours earlier than usual, and really worked at hyper speed - I spent about 15 hours each day just sewing. Monday I got two JSKs finished. Tuesday I got one JSK, two blouses, and a pair of bloomers finished. Wednesday I got one blouse, two cutsews, a pair of bloomers, and a head bow finished. And today was spent finishing up head bows, sewing on buttons, etc. (And yes, I still need to pack/figure out what I'm even wearing/finish pants for the bf, etc.) Since I don't ever make this much clothing at a time, I just had to take photos! It kinda felt like I'd made a mini wardrobe for someone :3 (Which, omg, would be amazing to do! <3)

Yummy! I hope I don't sound like I'm gloating, but I really love the way all my garments look together <3 Although I'm not particularly nervous for Frill itself, I am nervous about having my things in the boutique. I'm so afraid that people are going to think my work is awful and pick it apart (not literally, but y'know...). I'm always so worried that I don't really belong in this community and that I'm going to be called out on it and ripped to shreds. But I suppose that's just my tremendous insecurity getting the best of me.

I also made a quick vlog, the first of several that I plan to do over the course of this weekend: 



  1. Haiiiiii Buddie! I joined your blog...and I almost never join blogs...but maybe I should hee-hee. ^_^ Well anywho, looking forward to hearing how Frill went and O-M-G those lollies are extra cute! Glad your fingies didn't fall off! >.<

    1. Babo! Oh wow, I'm just now seeing your comment here :3
      Hooray for joining my blog! *feels special*
      Aw, glad you like the lollies! <3

  2. I saw you at Frill and you looked amazing both days. I wanted to compliment you, but was too shy. Now that I've seen the quality of your work in person, I am absolutely going to be placing an order (or more. probably more.).

    I was sad to see your earlier post about feeling so discouraged. Part of what I love about lolita is independent brands like you, who are coming out with fresh designs and beautiful staples, because it's something they're passionate about.

    1. Grr. This is just Kat but I couldn't edit it.

    2. Hi!
      Aw, you were too shy? Lol, that sounds like me >_< Seriously, I'm the most non-scary person though! You should've said something :P And I'd love to create you something! <3
      Thanks so much for the compliment, by the way ^_^

      Aw, and thank you so much for the encouragement! It's words like yours that really keep me motivated <3

      Hm... and is there any chance you were in the Brolita/Prince Kodona contest? I *think* there was a Kat in that contest >__>, buuut I could be mistaken.

    3. Next time, I'll say hi. :)
      I was! I was in shiro kodona and the aforementioned Mike was in kuro kodona. He was a bit jelly over your boyfriend's vest, but pleased when I told him you sell it!

    4. Oh, I was right - that was you! Aaaand I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Mike too.
      Aw, well I'm happy to hear he likes the vest! <3

      Are you planning on attending next year? If so, I look forward to formally meeting you ^_^

    5. Oh, absolutely! This was my first "real" lolita event and I was so impressed with how friendly everyone was and how well it was put together!