Saturday, June 2, 2012

International Lolita Day~

So, remember how I posted last night about how there was going to be a wedding today? Yea, well I found out minutes after I published that post that it's getting delayed... So if I can, I will wait until whenever it's rescheduled to, to unveil the dress.

Instead of going to a wedding, we ended up getting together with all of the family who was in town. And in a way, my bf and I celebrated International Lolita Day in our own way by dressing up.

^ My coord for the day~ I'm wearing my mono OP, one of the first Lolita dresses I made nearly a year ago. (Note to self: buy a new bag that isn't pink, lol.)

It was pretty windy and on the verge of a thunderstorm a lot of the day, hence my bow not being so perky. Also, the next door neighbors (who we don't get along with so well) were all over their lawn, so everyone was staring at me while this was being taken, ugh. (Second note to self: re-poof the petti~)

Appropriately enough, we ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant :3 Unfortunately I'm lame and totally forgot to take picture of my bf's coord, but he was in all black as well - kuro coords ftw <3

Also, my hair was recently dyed black for the wedding, so I didn't wear a hot wig today! Instead, I wore my ponytail extensions, since they now match my hair perfectly~


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