Friday, June 1, 2012

A Wedding Preview~

I can't believe I'm finally, actually typing up this blog post. It is such a relief to be finished with everything for my mother's wedding. I'll refrain from showing her dress until after the big day - which is uh.. tomorrow - out of traditional superstitious nonsense.

The color scheme for her wedding is black & silver, with red as an accent. That being said her dress is black, as is mine. Yep, I get to be the Maid of Honor. Thank god there's no other women in her wedding party - there's no way I could've taken on even more work this month >_<;;

So, this is what I'll be wearing tomorrow:

Of course it's a Lolita dress! At this point in my life, I don't even think I can wear a dress that's not Lolita, haha. I was going to try and make it more "traditional", but that's super hard for me and my mom didn't care if I was all poufy with petticoats, so yay me! I tried to echo some of the same design elements that are present in her dress, like the high collar, heart-shaped neckline, and tulle at the hem. Unfortunately we've since changed the collar design, so this part kind of stands out, but I like it so it stays.

As the wedding is taking place outside, I figured it would be hot/humid so I wanted to try and keep as not hot as possible since I'll be in full Loli. However, at the present it looks like it's going to be pretty cool tomorrow. I'm not complaining though - I'd definitely rather be cold than sweltering. Ooh, and I also made this dress out of polyester - which is definitely not cotton or breathable, as is typical of Lolita. In fact, it's a polyester shantung that I used on it's "wrong" side, so there's a lot of fun texture that goes along with the feel of the wedding. I also made a few accessories to go along with this:

My headbow and gloves. I'm unsure at this point what we're doing with my hair. I don't know if I've ever stated this before, but my mother is a hairdresser, so she'll be doing it. We dyed it black earlier this week because that's what she wanted to do (no wig tomorrow! D:), and whatever style she ends up doing it in will have to accompany my lovely bow :3 The gloves are looong gloves, made out of a stretch lace that may or may not the same fabric used in her dress. They're scrunchy (hence the scrunchiness in the photo), and about forearm length. So that way if it's cool... at least I'll have part of my arms covered.

I plan on taking video tomorrow at the event, so I'll definitely be uploading a vlog sometime soon after, along with photos of her dress~



  1. OMG! I love, love this dress! Do think someday you may put a similar one in the shop? <3

    1. Babooo! <3 Yay, thanks for liking it! Uhm.. I hadn't planned on it, but I suppose there's no reason not to O: