Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Creative Surge~

Wow. This month has blown by so quickly! And I'm relieved that it has. No other month has been like this in the history of Elegy - it has been a demand on not only my creative energy, but my time and sanity as well.

I can't really show you anything today, but just know that in the past few weeks I've created some of the most extravagant work of my career thus far. I have two photo shoots this week - and both are for OTT styles that are completely opposite. Tonight in fact, I just got finished putting several hours into my mother's victorian-inspired wedding gown for next weekend!

My schedule and creative energy are almost totally spoken for until the end of June. This weekend I have a photo shoot with a goddess of photography and a gorgeous model, next weekend is the wedding, the weekend after I'm traveling to Georgia for Frill, and then a photo shoot all the way over in England a few weeks after that (unfortunately it's a lot cheaper for my garments to travel there than for me, so I won't be going haha).

On a side note, I've also hooked up with a few super talented illustrators! Illustration is not my strongest suit (unless it comes to illustrating clothes, and then I've got you beat ^_~), so I decided to reach out a bit to my fans to collaborate with a fellow creative.

I'm so full of excitement for what's to come, so keep a lookout for lovely original illustrations & Elegy~


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