Friday, May 4, 2012


A few months ago I received an email from the very talented Nicole, from Nicolophobia Photography. She loved my work and wanted to collaborate on a shoot! She already had a lovely model picked out, and she sent me photos of a beautiful abandoned environment, so I got straight to work. The photos reminded me of something ghostly, so I decided on designing a Shiro Lolita dress for it.

^From sketch to realization~

It all happened very quickly - within a week I had made and sent out the dress - that weekend photos were taken, and I was sent this as a preview from the shoot:

I was told that there was a probability of the shoot getting published, and was ecstatic! I've never been published before (except for like Honor Roll from elementary school, haha) and I would never have guessed that this collaboration would lead to that.

Alas, earlier this week it finally came to realization:

The magazine can be purchased and seen in it's entirety HERE. Click on the "preview" button and I'll be on pages 43-46~

I should have the dress up for sale in the shop here in a few days!


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