Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Meet-Up!

I know, I know - it's hard to believe, but I've never been to a Lolita meet-up! Saturday was the first, and I had a total blast, I cannot wait for the next one!

In a word, Saturday was crazy. Obama of all people was in town for a rally, so a lot of us were concerned about the traffic - honestly it wasn't bad at all, and we got there just fine. On the way I recorded this:

I meant to record more, but I was super nervous and totally forgot about doing that. Luckily I didn't forget to take pictures though!

My coord for the day! Ugh, it was super bright so I look like a glowing, washed out Magical Girl here :3
Salopette: Elegy's Lollipop Parade in Petal
Blouse: Elegy's Lillian Cutsew in Marshmallow
Purse: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

The meet-up took place at this local tea house - it's so lovely ♡

The group! Er.. at least most of us. There was a handful who went to the Obama rally, got stuck in traffic and arrived hours later :(

My boyfriend, getting ready for food! 

I got delicious mousse - it was seriously the best mousse I've ever eaten. It was almost like ice cream ♡

The boyfriend's food.

And.. finished! :3

Group shot!

I think this was supposed to be a "silly" group shot, lol. Anyways, I love how the scooter became a part of our group :3

So that was pretty much it - the day was super fun and I loved being able to meet all these people I talk with online in person. It was such awesome. I cannot wait for the next one!

♡Miss Chubi

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