Monday, July 30, 2012

My First Secret~

Well, I suppose this was bound to happen one day. I couldn't sleep last night so I got on Behind the Bows on my phone, and saw this:

I couldn't see the comments on my phone, so I dashed from my bed onto my computer to see what other awful things were being said about me. To sum it up, two people sorta defended me, but at the same time thought my stuff was still pretty ugly. This is basically why I tend to avoid the EGL community - I've been scared to death of something like this happening, and now it finally has. I suppose I'm sorta relieved that it did finally happen, but at the same time I still feel completely crushed.

Doesn't look like I'll be going back to sleep anytime soon...

♡Miss Chubi


  1. Why are you letting what someone said on the internet bother you? People are going to be mean and rude to you regardless, if your items are cute or not. Misery loves company, and your utter defeat in this post simply opened the doors for it to come vacation with you for a while.
    Shake it off. Go get a can of Mountain Dew, and create more. Because even if there is a million people out there saying that your brand is "ugly" that is just a million people out there not making the money you are or enjoying the status that you have created for yourself. There will always be haters, turn smile, wave and then get back to doing you.


    1. Honestly, since I get all my support from people online, what they say sorta... matters a lot to me. It makes me feel like if one person thinks that, then it'll spread like a virus and soon everyone will feel that way too /:
      But now, I'm over this particular incident. I've recuperated and am feeling a lot better - thanks for telling me what's what and to stop moping about. I know I can always count on you to believe in me, especially when I don't ♡


    there's whole thread about how excited people are about Elegy. Ignore that one negative person

    1. Whoa, thanks for linking me to this! *Made my day* ^_^
      And yea, I'm totally over it now - I just tend to be overly-sensitive at times /:

  3. *Excuse my french*

    That was ONE group of very YOUNG nasty little girls! The type that think they are such HOT SHIT cause they stay up at 2am USA and 4am Europe time with mommy and daddy's credit cards to be the first few ding dongs to get the same yellow fabric designs from Angelic Pretty that Japanese Lolitas would not touch with a ten foot pole and a gripper hook.

    Let's face it. . .

    In any creative field you will have haters. The art world is no different and the fashion world is one of the most diabolical of all. You gonna have to stiffen up that upper lip. Who cares what they say? They weren't future buyers of yours and in the grand scheme of things the opinions of a catty few will not move the masses. Did it ever occur to you they are JEALOUS? Yes I know it sounds "trite", but I love coming and looking at your web site and admire the hard work you put into your company--and EVEN I AM JEALOUS. Yes that's right. You can dream up your very own creation and then bring to life! (I can't even sew a loose button on straight. . . and there was that incident with a sleeve arm hole that may or may not have been sewn closed completely once *cough*.)

    Anyway. . .

    Don't listen to them. And definitely don't let them keep you up at night (You have fashion to make! That needs energy from sleep!). Let the things that matter do that. Worry when Japan street fashion press downs your designs, or a major American fashion rag puts them on a fashion police page or KERA for goodness sakes puts them on the bottom corner in the back of the book. Don't give that kinda importance to small minded digital badass haters hiding behind a keyboard and a user name. Don't lose sleep over nasty girls who two to three years years from now won't even WEAR Lolita anymore anyhow. They'll be back to looking like trend clones from Forever 21. Then you can laugh your way to the bank cause you'll still be doing what you love, and doing it your own way!

    1. Thank you so much for your extensive comment ♡
      I guess... it never occurred to me that someone may be jealous of me - typically it's me who's jealous of what everyone else is doing. And you're super right about haters hiding behind keyboards and anonymity - the amount of support and kind words extremely outweighs the hate I've received. I'm sad to report though that they did make me lose sleep - I didn't sleep at all that night and felt like total garbage all day. However, I'm much better now and I've restored my self-worth ^_^

      You really helped pull me out of this funk and restore my confidence - next time an incident like this happens or I'm feeling particularly awful about my work, I'm coming back to this post to read this comment!