Friday, August 10, 2012

March Hare Commission~

It's been a while since I've actually blogged about a commission - I did that a lot more when I first started doing custom pieces, and I've just done so many that I found it a little overwhelming and a bit irrelevant to blog about every single custom blouse or skirt I make. This most recent commission not only consisted of an entire outfit, but was probably the most fun/creative freedom I've had working on a custom piece in a while.

When I first got her email and super cute sketch, I was more than nervous taking it on. The bustle and vest with super long coat tails was enough to make me almost second guess this request. I've never had the opportunity to make a bustle skirt before (although I've done plenty of research on how they're put together in the past), and for just one second I had the thought of changing it to be more of a "ruffle skirt" instead. I'm so glad I didn't do that. I'm so happy with how the entire outfit came together, and I'm glad I took a stab at something I had less than no experience with. I was also super lucky to be working with a client who has more confidence in my work than I do, and was entirely laid back and easy-going throughout the whole process.

^ Most of the outfit (minus the shorts)! The vest is made of corduroy and fully lined. The cream center front placket piece thing is fully detachable - the buttons down the sides are fully functional.

^ The bustle skirt ties around the waist via ribbon, and is made of a few layers of cotton fabric. This was way easier to make than I originally feared, and will consider adding things like this to designs in the future.

^ Bustle bow is removable, pearls are not - they are sewn on.

^Because of the way my mannequin is designed, I can't fit shorts onto it. So sadly I have no photos of the entire outfit together, with the shorts.

^Spats! Just like the ones in my shop, minus the bows & stripes.

^I've become way more confident in my mini-hat-making skills, and made this one and the ears out of wool felt ♡ The ears are posable (my first time adding wire to anything!), and everything's attached to a headband.

I love this coord design so much, I'll probably have this entire set available in my shop in the future. About half of these pieces can be found in my shop already though: Blouse, Puffy Shorts, Spats. I do realize the puffy shorts are plaid, and the spats have the stripes, but since everything's customizable in my shop, all you need to do is fill out the "Custom Pieces" form~



  1. Can I just say that this looks absolutely AMAZING.

    1. Thank you, dear! That really means a lot ♡♡♡

  2. Hi there
    Did you make up this pattern? If you didn't, could you tell me what pattern you did use? I love this, it looks great! Thanks! :)

  3. Hey there,

    How much would the full set cost and take to make minus the hat and spats????

  4. How much for the full set?
    this is perfect

  5. I absolutely love this! You are so talented!! Would you be able to create this again for me? How much would that cost?
    Thank you!

  6. How much for the outfit minus the wig and hat?

  7. Hello... I LOVE this outfit: ALL of the top vest bow everything... is it for sale??? please send me an email if so, I'd love to purchase