Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet 'Resplendent Nightmare'~

Earlier this week I posted a bit of a teaser on my FB page for the new print I've been working super hard on. And I suppose it's about time you see the rest of it.
Well here it is: 

It's entitled 'Resplendent Nightmare', and will be printed in gold on a variety of dark colors including black, navy, dark red, emerald, and plum. There will probably be a few minor alterations before I put this baby to print, but this is mostly it. As simple as it looks, it took quite a while to get together - the spiders were hand drawn by myself, and being a huge arachnophobic... it really was not the easiest of tasks. Perhaps I'll make a vlog later explaining why I chose to create a print on one of my biggest fears~



  1. Because even though they're scary, spiders are badass and look badass too? XD It looks great ♥

  2. Haha, good point :P
    Ah, and thank you! ♡