Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Resplendent Nightmare: Blouses, Pants, & Outerwear Designs~

Yesterday was all about the garments that will incorporate the print. Today is all about the rest of the collection that will help bring it together.

^^Click for a bigger & more detailed view!
First up are the blouse designs. Since this is coming out in the late fall/early winter, I opted for all long-sleeve designs. They will all be available in cotton, except for the one on the right, which will be a mix of both cotton & chiffon (e.g. chiffon sleeves, with a cotton bodice). All the ruffles will be finished in a gold thread (however, they can also be made with a fabric-matching thread), with gold buttons. Oh, and despite how the sketches are drawn, all of these designs will be available for both women and men! I don't have all the colors for the blouses set yet, but I do know they will be available in at least black and white. Depending on which fabric I end up going with, more colors may be available. And please note that the neckwear featured on these sketches isn't entirely set in stone.
^^Click for a bigger & more detailed view!
Next are the bottoms! First we start with some puffy shorts with a ruffled back. They feature functional pockets, and the legs will have a button closure. In the middle are the prince pants, which fall right under the knee - these too will have a botton closure around the leg. Both these and the shorts are finished with gold accents: lace, as well as gold thread finishing the ruffles, and the very small pin tuck down the front & back. Lastly, we have the very wide-leg "mana" type pants. I absolutely love this style of pant (I can't help but admit that I was the proud owner of several pairs of JNCO pants in high school :p), however these will be much more elegant. They feature a small pin tuck going up the front, as well as a removable chain, complete with spider charm. These bottoms will be available in either black or white; just like the blouses, these will also be available for both men and women.

^^Click for a bigger & more detailed view!
And finally, we reach vests and outerwear! Shown in white here, is an under-bust vest. It will feature gold accents, including a removable chain complete with spider charm, as well as coat tails and pockets (still undecided on whether or not these will be functional). Underneath that is a men's halter style vest. It also features a removable gold chain with spider charm, functional front pockets, and a ribbon lace-up (via gold grommets) in the back. Outerwear! Just like most everything else, the coat will too have gold accents (be sure and click on the picture for a bigger look at some of the details), a faux vest panel in the front, and functioning side pockets. The length in the sketch is a bit unclear, as I'm not sure quite how long it'll be as of yet - I'm thinking about knee length, but I may make it available in a shorter length as well. And lastly, the cape! Well it's more of a gilet as it has no sleeves, and will have armholes under the upper cape. (Plus one for functionality!) This may or may not have pockets (still undecided atm) and includes a single gold accent - a gold chain tethered to either side in the front via spider charms. All these pieces will be available in black or white; the coat and gilet will be available for both men and women.

I have a few more garment designs to unveil tomorrow (think... legwear!), before talking about some other final details.

Stay tuned for more Resplendent Nightmare: Blog Revelations all week long!



  1. This is making me SO GLAD I ended up not pre-ordering the Alice and the Pirate's Vampire Prelude OP; I would be sad if I could only afford one or two of these amazing pieces. /grabby hands

    -Kat, minus Mike, who hates spiders

    1. Wow, that's got to be one of the most flattering comments I've received on these new designs. I'm so happy you're liking them so far ♡
      Haha, I hate spiders too, so working on this has been really weird :P