Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Branding Upgrade & New Shop URL

For the past few months I've been working hard on a branding upgrade/makeover for Elegy. As you can see above, I've already got my banner set with the new logo and colors. It all started coming together a few weeks ago when my cardstock die cuts and matching ribbon came in the mail; last week I got my new business cards in, and yesterday I got my logo stamp. And it ends today, with Etsy finally allowing shop owners to change their URLs! I definitely didn't plan this at all, but the timing works out perfectly~

^^The business cards, this time in a glossy finish. The colors came out a little off, but I'm still happy with them. 

^^My new hang tags! This is what I got the die cuts, ribbon, and custom stamp for~ I think hang tags really make a garment - that's already handmade, custom, and special - even more so. The purple is a bit off as well - the photos online looked a bit lighter, but again, I'm still really happy with them. I have a heart-shaped hole punch that I'll be using to thread some lovely black ribbon through, and attach to my finished garments ♡

^^Finally, my shop banner! It's pretty similar to the blog banner, but simplified. Since Etsy let us shop owners change our URLs, mine is now: elegyclothing.etsy.com <-- If you go give it a look, you can see my banner at it's bigger/actual size. Ah, it feels so wonderful to finally have been able to make this change! I remember Etsy stating they were working on this change way back in the spring. I've been religiously checking their news updates everyday since then~

I also have a bit of sobering news. If you've been reading my blog and/or keeping up with my facebook page, you'll know that I applied for a table at an upcoming anime convention in my area, Ohayocon. Well this weekend I got notified that I will in fact, not be participating. Of course I was really sad upon finding this news out, but I've since gotten over it and that's why I've waited a few days to reveal this. This was the first show I've applied to after all, so I suppose I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up as much as I did. 
But hey, there's always next year~

Miss Chubi

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