Monday, October 10, 2011

Ren Fair 2011

My boyfriend and I attended the Ohio Renaissance Festival on Saturday. It turned out to be "Romance Weekend", so that was a fun coincidence. However, it just seemed like a normal renaissance festival to me, haha. We started off the morning by taking photos of our costumes being worn, and then driving off while forgetting our tickets. Good thing I remembered like five minutes down the road! Somehow my boyfriend did manage to forget his cape though. But that wasn't a big deal, seeing as it got pretty hot on Saturday, and he wouldn't have worn it anyways.

^^My boyfriend in his outfit I made! The tunic is made out of 100% linen of course, the vest is a lovely upholstery material, and the pants are 100% cotton velveteen. Velveteen is now my new favorite fabric to work with ♡ It's like velvet, but not as hot or as thick. It's also really easy to wash and sew, and since it's cotton it doesn't stretch weirdly or anything, and it's iron friendly. Oh, and it feels really nice too! (I definitely have future designs planned for this material) He's wearing the boots I mentioned in my last post.. they're a lot shinier and more costume-looking in real life than in the photos on the website /: They still did the job though, and they're a lot better than anything he already owns. That pouch hanging off his belt on the left was also made by me - last year though.

^^Me wearing my Red Riding Hood inspired costume! I opted out of wearing a petticoat - turns out, linen is really hot. I actually didn't even try on this outfit at all until the night before, haha. This is also the only time I wore the wool cape. Didn't I mention it getting hot? Yeah, wool has no business being worn in the heat. Once we go to the fair, I made it just inside the gates when I realized we had to go back to the car so I could return the cape and keep from passing out.

^^The joust! Always a fun event ^_^ Except the seats we chose were facing the sun directly, so we had a hard time really seeing what was going on. 

^^This guy was new this year. We saw a sign in front of this set up that was covered in a tarp that said "Renaissance Heavy Metal" real big on it, which drew my boyfriend in immediately (you see, he's sort of a metal head :p) So we headed right to this after the joust, and it was pretty much amazing.

^^Turned out, this guy plays some amazing music with bells! It was really a beautiful and different sound, but nonetheless incredible. To hear some of his amazing music and learn more, you can visit his website HERE. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend enjoyed it even more than I did, and we ended up seeing him play like three times throughout the day. 

^^We endeed up purchasing one of his CDs. He had a bunch to choose from and we ended up going with this mainly because it had "Phantom of the Opera" on it. We really wanted to get a picture of/with him, but he was always so crowded that we never really got a chance to /:

^^But I did get a picture with this Satyr! We were taking a food break, and I spotted this guy in the distance (which wasn't too terribly hard seeing as he's like 10 feet, haha). He ended up coming near us and I flagged him down to get this picture :D

^^Later on in the day we got waved down by some really nice older couple to take our picture. Since I didn't have any of us together, I got her to take one with my camera as well. (Also, I totally look pregnant ;___; ugh.)

^^We ended up seeing the joust a second time, so we had some camera fun while waiting for it to start. We got much better seats this time in the shade! I really like our concerned faces in this one, lol.

^^Much better! I also like how my boyfriend is about 100x more attractive than I am.

^^Our Dame this time around. I've never seen a woman jouster in the three years I've gone, so that was pretty awesome. I also really liked her logo :3

^^Our spoils! This year I promised myself that I'd be getting a foxtail. Last year I saw them everywhere but didn't end up getting one. So this year that was definitely on my list. We also got... weapons ^_^ We didn't really buy anything all day - unless you count the 8 bottles of water bought sporadically throughout the day to keep from passing out in the heat. So it was in the last hour of the fair that we made out way back down to the pirate area. We ended up purchasing two swords - the black one is a replica from the movie 300, and the other one is model from the Prince of Persia video games. Someday they'll go up on our wall in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse.

^^The dagger is mine, of course. Last year I got a pair of weapon-level scissors, so they'll go nicely with this dagger. All our weapons are dulled, except for the 300 blade - that one is pretty sharp and came with a sheath.

That's pretty much it! We had a blast, and were totally wiped out by the end of the day. It didn't show up in the pictures, but we were pretty sunburned too. I definitely fell asleep on the ride home because I'm like six years old, lol. I'm not sure what we're doing for next year - we'll probably just keep building on these costumes we already have, or maybe I'll actually do Pirate Lolita?! Hm.. we'll see ^_~

Miss Chubi

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