Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rose-Printed Dress Commission = Complete! (Featuring my new mannequin)

This lovely piece of heavenly dress has been finished! I'll admit, it did take a day longer than I thought it would - all the gathering I did for the underskirt really took a while. I have a lot of work I should be getting done instead of blogging, so I'll take up where I left off and try to be quick!

^^This is what your bodice looks like before it's sewn! Bodice and lining pieces cut out - the bows actually weren't sewn on in this pic yet.

^^Bodice sewn, lined, and laced! Bows are actually sewn on this time. I enjoy the use of snaps for my bows - that way they can be removed when it's time to wash, and can go back exactly where they were afterwards.

^^Ruffly, ruffly underskirt! This is about 1/3 of the underskirt in this picture. I did the math, and realized I ended up using about 20 yards worth of ruffles! (With all the hemming, gathering, and finishing of seams involved, no wonder it took me an extra day to get this finished.)

^^A lovely view of my finished seam ♡

^^WOW! :D Look all that loveliness. That's what 120" gathered into about 25" looks like! 

^^Bodice sewn into the overskirt..

^^And now with the underskirt! Ooh, and with waist ties too! It's such a dream ♡

^^Sleeve progress... Before I've made the bows, and sewn them to the bodice.

Okay. Enough progress photos.. onto the finished piece itself! ♡

^^The beginning sketch.

^^The finished piece itself! ♡ (Ooh, and my new mannequin! It's actually a bit smaller than my "old" one in the waist/hip area.. but her bust is bigger >_< It also doesn't have a cover, so this is just plastic and the garments tend to slip around a bit. For example: the dress doesn't actually come down in the front as much as it looks in this pic because of the mannequin's slippery bust.)

^^Side view. It's just so pouffy! ♡

^^The waist ties actually do tie, I just didn't want to wrinkle up the fabric for my client ♡

^^A lovely close-up. Here you can see a glimpse of the satin ribbon used to finish the seam in the underskirt.

^^The secret way of getting into this dreamboat! ♡ And yes, I sewed the zipper in between the outer layer and the lining, so you can't see the zipper at all, except for the pull.

Alright, and that's all I've got! This dress really means a lot to my client, as it is her "dream dress", and I'm so happy I could bring it to life for her ♡ 

Miss Chubi

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