Friday, May 27, 2011

Cuddly Plushies

This week has been really unproductive. It all started on Tuesday, after spending the day with my mother for her birthday. I started feeling unwell, with all the fun things: headache, sore throat, etc. Now this is usually when I start feeling a little freaked out and panicky. Anything involving throat aches and me is usually bad. I've had a history of horribly horrible throat aches, and feeling one come on is never good news. Fortunately, this time around, my throat didn't get worse, and the pain was gone the next day. Sadly, it was replace by nausea and body aches, which meant I couldn't even play video games because I was feeling that woozy. So I slept, a lot. And had a Nip/Tuck-a-thon via Netflix. As they say, time heals everything from a broken heart, to a really bad cold, so here I am, four days later, feeling mostly normal.

Now onto the cuteness.

I meant to post these lovely plushies Tuesday or Wednesday, but we all know how that turned out. Group shot:

These are just prototypes. I'm fairly happy with them, so they'll probably end up staying like this. They're totally soft, and extremely lovable! I think they're also a good representation of the different Lolita styles: the bear is classic, the bunny is sweet, and the kitty is gothic.
So basically, I have this massive pile of lovely anti-pill fleece. When I first started selling things on Etsy, I was mainly doing backpacks made of the stuff. So, naturally I sorta stocked up. And then I changed my mind about doing bags, but I still have a huge stash of fleece... So I remembered I made this zombie face months ago, and still sleep with it every night:

^this was a super super prototype, as I'd never done an actual plushie before. Soo it's not really an animal or anything, just a representation of zombie cuteness :3

And so I re-visited the idea of doing super cute plushies, and hence bear-face, bunny-face, and kitty-face were born! I also have some really lovely digital representations of these creatures which I'll be posting in the near future. :3

^That's how big and cuddly they are :3

Miss Chubi

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