Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Proper Introduction

Well.. I suppose it's time for me to introduce myself. I am Miss Chubi-chan (that Chubi is pronounced like "chew-bee", not "chubby"!), and welcome to my blog! I'll admit it - I'm pretty new to the Lolita fashion. In fact, I'm still working on transforming myself. But it's something I've admired and known about for years. I've never quite been into the "mainstream" way of dressing/fashion anyways, and I've always been searching for my niche. I think I've found it. I've only been actively wearing Lolita out in public for a weeks now, because I was having the hardest time finding shoes... I'll save that for another post though.

Anyways, I have an overwhelming love for Lolita and everything it stands for. I've done a few Lolita pieces as requests in my Etsy shop, and it's been since that I've decided to really go for it. Now, as I stated before, I am rather new to Lolita, so it may seem odd that I'm going all out in making myself/my brand totally Lolita-focused, but it's the only way to do it with the amount of passion I have for it. Honestly, I'm not really involved with the Lolita community online either. I'd love to be! But it seems like there's a lot of hate in the community, and I don't really feel like being put down (I do that to myself enough).

So, I'm in the process of creating this Lolita clothing brand: Elegy. I did in fact go to school for Fashion Design, and this is what I've wanted for years. The name Elegy was inspired by one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. So every time I think about my brand, I hear their song in my head and I get happy ^_^ It's also befitting to the Gothic/Classic Lolita style I want my brand to be.

I have really big dreams and goals for Elegy, but it's going to take some time as I am only one person. In a few days I should be getting my new business cards in (ooh, I can't wait!), so I'll definitely be posting those.
(And next up on my "to get" list is a tripod, so I can actually have pictures of me in my brand :3 haha.)

Miss Chubi-chan

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