Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Late Monday Preview and New Photos

I know it's actually Tuesday, so my Monday Preview is a little late. I got this fabric around Easter time, and thought it would be just perfect for a sweet JSK:

It's actually been sitting half finished in my atelier for a few weeks now. And hopefully I will have it finished by the end of this week, and posted! I'm actually working on a few commissions for non-Lolita garments, so that's why I'm shooting for the end of this week rather than later today or tomorrow, as usual. 

Today our power went out for a few hours, so it gave me an excuse to finally get some other photos up of my garments on me! I've updated a few listings in my shop with the new pics, and here's some other for your viewing pleasure (clicking on the pic will take you that particular listing in my shop):

^Personal favorite from this session. ^_^

^Keep in mind that when I say the power was out, I also mean the A/C. It was over 80* in my apartment, so I'm feeling really hot and really tired.

You might've noticed the friend I'm posing with in a few of the shots. I think the plushies look way cuter being held than just sitting by themselves on the floor. :3

Doing this session of photos reminded me that I really need to start working on other headbands! I don't own any myself, and the only two I even have around are the two I've made to go with things to sell. So, in addition to getting the above JSK finished, I also need to get to work on some lovely solid color headbands for my shop ^_^

Miss Chubi

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