Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW Jumper Skirt

Monday preview: revealed!

^It's Bear Face! :3

I bought this fabric way back before Easter, in like February or something. It really caught my eye because well... it's a toile print. I think toile is really lovely and has a great classic look. This particular print has a sort of classic Peter Rabbit storybook look to it, and if that's not Lolita, then I don't know what is. I also made my first Alice bow headband! Yes, I've done headbands before, but not a classic Alice bow. I think it turned out quite nice - and it doesn't look as ridiculous on me as I thought it would. ^_^
You may also notice a change in quality of these photos from last time - this time I had the A/C on! Lol. So I'm not super hot and sweating and miserable in this shoot.
Anyways, go ahead and check it out in my shop, it's finished and ready to ship out! :D

Miss Chubi

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