Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Update

Hello blog! It's been a little over a week, and I've been missing you. Sorry for the lack of  Monday Preview this week - I've been majorly busy with commissions and orders all coming in at once! Believe me, I'm definitely not complaining, because it's truly an awesome thing.

Okay, so last week I mentioned getting some headbands finished in order to have every skirt/dress in my shop come with a matching headband. Because well, the finish to a nice loli co-ord is having matching hair accessories, and there's nothing more iconic than an Alice bow. Feast your eyes:

I believe clothing looks much better on a living human, rather than a mannequin. So last week I took the time to have a huge photo shoot in which I shot everything in my shop that needed these types of photos. That turned out to be four different garments. I've updated the listings in my shop, but here's a peek below of some of my favorites and a few I didn't end up using:

^My absolute favorite from this session. I am in no way a photographer, and this was a total fluke with bad lighting. I still think it turned out quite lovely <3

^Failing attempt at pulling of sweet loli - definitely not my personal style.

^Also, another fluke with bad lighting. I think the general shape/silhouette is really intriguing.

That pretty much brings me up to what I've been working on this week. Well, I got a request to do a chibi panda in my wristlet style! I think she's going to have to be a new addition to the Elegy family, and I'll probably be making some plushies of her too, because she came out so cute! You can find her in my shop now, and see a few pics below:

^ I realize I'm not in loli in this pic, and I apologize! I've been so crazy busy though, I didn't have time to get all dolled up.

In addition to finishing the above wristlet, I also got in orders for two others, and a Giant Sprinkle Face Backpack! I'm trying to shift my focus away from backpacks, so I'm not sure if I'll be re-listing that item in my shop or not. Honestly, they take a whole lot of work and materials, and a lot of time to put together. I love my characters I've created, but I'd rather be doing clothes with some plushies and wristlets on the side. Anyways, take a gander of my finished wristlets, and some new pics of the backpack:

On a totally side note, I applied that bumper sticker I got a few weeks ago at the Midwest Craft Caucus! Ummm, I totally took a picture of it, but now I can't find it! I may have accidentally deleted it D: I promise I will have that up next blog entry!

Now that I've finished all those wristlets and things for this week's orders, I suppose I'll let you in on what I'm working on. I'm actually busy with four different commissions. One of those is needed for MatsuriCon, coming up in August. I guess I must be dense or something, because I had no idea that was in Ohio, and now I'm definitely wanting to go. If that's the case, I really have a lot of work to do. My boyfriend would like to dress in Kodona style to match my gothic/kuro dress that I have yet to make. I do have sketches though! I have so many sketches.. I will probably be doing a blog post just on all the sketches I have done, or are finishing up for all my commissions.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to finishing up some more sketches that I have only partially finished.

Miss Chubi