Monday, June 20, 2011

Plushy Week! Day 1 (and a whole lot of other stuff)

Remember when I posted those plushies a while ago? (And they're in a few of my recent pictures I've posted too.) Well I haven't actually put them in my shop or said anything more about them until now... I declare this week to be Plushy Week! Each day this week I'm going to be officially announcing a plushie, which means posting pictures and making it available for purchase. This week is also a really busy week for me, so I'm going to post about a few other things I'm working on before talking about today's plushie face.

First things first - Monday Preview! I'm super excited to get started on this huge project this week - which I really hope, and am aiming to be finished by Friday. You're also going to be getting a glimpse at my sketches for the first time! Please be nice.
Anyways, it's a commission for a super lovely Wa-Lolita co-ord for MatsuriCon in August. ^___^ It's definitely the biggest co-ord/piece/garment/project I've worked on, but I'm totally confident in my skills, and I know this garment is going to be freaking awesome. Have a look at my preliminary sketches:

As you can see, it's going to be very big, very full, and very lovely. ^__^

I got the fabric in today, which was a lot quicker than I expected! But I'm not complaining, this is a good thing. Have a look at the lovely fabric below, it looks much better than the swatches I pulled from their website in my sketches above:

I'm really excited to get to start working on this!! I've known what Wa-Lolita is and what it looks like, but after doing extensive research, I have a new appreciation for the style and think it's absolutely beautiful. Stay tuned, as I will be documenting my progress throughout this week ^_^

Onto something a little less beautiful, and more DIY.
So I mentioned MatsuriCon above, and it appears I will be attending! Yes, I still need to get to work on a co-ord for not only myself, but my boyfriend as well who will be attending in Kadona style, but I want a parasol. I spent a lot of the weekend searching and searching online for something that I'd fall in love with. Which I did. Hard. For this piece of lovely from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright: 

I'm totally in love with not just the general loveliness of this, but the silhouette as well. I love the top and the point on the end. Ahh. Like most people, I should've just bought it. But I'm not like most people. Where most people in most situations buy, I elect to make. 

So I found this tutorial last night on how to recover an umbrella, searched my apartment and car thoroughly for any umbrella, and had no such luck. This afternoon I took a trip to the thrift store, and came out with two possible options:

Yes, they're both hideous. Right now they are. But there will be at least one beautiful piece that arises from this ugliness to accompany me to MatsuriCon this August. Right now I'm torn between the two because they both have different things I like about them. I really want to go with the blue one..

..because of it's shape, and the lovely point on the top. But that point scares me, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to take that part off in order to recover it. So that's why I got the brown one.. a backup, because it too has a nice shape, and although there is no pointiness at the top, I know I'd be able to take it apart in orde to recover it. So we'll see. Wish me luck, as I will be working on this along with the commission above, and the two outfits I'll be needing for myself and my boyfriend by August.

Onto the plushy! If you've read this far, thank you! Your patience is finally paying off ^__^ Today's plushy is...

..Bunny Face! She's totally adorable, and a great companion for you if you're a magical girl, or simply a sweet lolita ^_^ She's super soft and cuddly, and will fit great in your arms <3

Bunny Face can now be found in my shop! Be sure and check back tomorrow for Tuesday's plushie, and more project progress ^_^

Miss Chubi

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