Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plushy Week! Day 2 (and project progress)

Well it's Tuesday, and that means it's time to reveal today's plushy! Which I will - at the end of the post.

Yesterday I got to work on my Wa-Lolita commission. I started by washing the fabric of course, and then ironing it and getting it ready to be cut:

^Six yards is a lot of fabric to iron :3

I got to work on the bodice first:

^Pieces cut and hanging there on the form.

^Pieces sewn and hanging there on the form ^_^ 

I've still got to get the collar put together and sewn on, and I have all the other pieces cut out in a pile sitting on my ironing board. I'm really liking how it's turning out so far and can't wait to get more work done on it. I feel like it took me a while getting everything cut out. I'm so paranoid when it comes to making sure all the measurements are right, etc. before cutting into the fabric - I've had more than one screw up in my lifetime where measurements were slightly off and then I have to get more fabric.
I know it's looking a little bland, and a bit like scrubs, but I know it's going to be just beautiful when it's finished.

Since my brain was turned to mush after working on that kimono most of the night, I turned to my parasol project. I was really excited to just rip it apart and get started. Even though I still don't have my fabric yet /: I know I'm going to just use plain black nylon, with lots and lots of ruffles, lace and beading, it's just a matter of getting to the store and getting it all. 

So I had a lot of fun cutting off the fabric from the umbrella hardware: 

And then carefully cutting a piece along the seam in order to get my pattern piece:

Making a parasol cover is going to be a lot easier than it seems. Now that I have that one pattern piece, I need to cut out 10 and sew them all together. Once it's all assembled, I just need to hand-sew it to the umbrella hardware, and that's it. I probably won't have anymore progress to post on this until I get to the store and get my fabric, etc.

Now onto the fun stuff! Today's plushy is....

...Bear Face! She's incredibly soft and cuddly! She enjoys the classics and would make a great companion for the classic lolita, or anyone who enjoys the company of a cute and cuddly bear.

Bear Face can now be found in my shop! Be sure and check back tomorrow for Wednesday's plushie and more project progress :3

Miss Chubi

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