Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plushy Week! Last Day

Although a week technically has seven days, I've only got four plushies to reveal at this particular moment in time. But first I've got to get down to business and talk about what I've been working on the past few days. I've basically just been focusing on this Wa-Lolita co-ord.

^Definitely doesn't look like scrubs anymore! The top is pretty much finished, and the handkerchief overskirt just needs hemmed. ^_^

^Check out those sleeves of epic! They measure a full yard long, and they're absolutely lovely. The black on the edge of the sleeve is something we added at the last minute to get the full length. I think the black looks really great and I'm glad we decided to add it. I also added in another row of ruffles on wrist side of the sleeve :3

I just realized I don't have a petticoat on my mannequin, so this is definitely not the finished look. I still need to finish up the black underskirt - I've got it all cut out and everything, I'm just working on finishing up the waistband. And I've got to finish the obi and giant bow for the back. I'm aiming to have this finished today, so perhaps I'll have pictures of the finished loveliness tomorrow? I'm not promising anything though, because I've got another order for a giant backpack I've also been working on in addition to this that needs to ship out at the end of this week n__n;;

I suppose this it the time where I reveal the last and final Plushie Face of this week. You've definitely seen her before, but here goes..

...Zombie Face! It's really hard to stop from cuddling her because she's so soft and cuddle-worthy, just remember - she might just bite your face off! D:

Zombie Face was the first plushie I made - ever. I made her at the beginning of this year after a really motivational talk with my aunt who basically told me I can do anything I set my mind to ^_^ She cuddles with me every night when I go to sleep and I just love her <3 

Well that concludes my Plushy Week. You can find Zombie Face in my shop now! To anyone who's bothered to keep up with me all week - thank you! Now, I've really got to get back to non-stop sewing.

Miss Chubi

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