Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished Parsol

Last night I got to work on my parsol project.. and before I knew it, it was finished!

^I finished off the bottom ruffles with black satin ribbon, and at each seam around the parasol, I placed bows. The bows actually took the most time to make out of this entire process, but I can't live without them. ^_^

^Pinned the bottom for hemming...

^..and then sewed!

^Now I don't normally use rachel lace (because it's thin and cheap-looking), but since parasols are exposed to weather, etc. I think it's okay. Anyways, I pinned it around the hem...

^.. and stitched it on!

^And it's finished! Well.. the cover is, at least. After this I got to hand sew it onto the umbrella hardware. Oh, and I made a little topper for it too, adorned with lace. You'll see in the pictures below.

^Lovely topper! <3

I'm really, really happy with how it turned out! :D Parasols aren't as scary as they may seem, and I'm definitely looking forward to making more in the future. If you remember, I did buy two umbrellas at the thrift store, so I may be putting that other one to use! I definitely plan on putting this parasol to use - I hate hot weather, so this'll be just perfect for keeping out the sun.
Also, the outfit I'm wearing in the shots is available in my store, and yes - I did make those gloves I'm wearing too :3

Miss Chubi


  1. I love it! Great job!
    Can i post it to my blog about parasols?

  2. Thank you! ♡
    Go ahead, just be sure and link it back here ^_^
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