Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, I've finally gone and done it. Made myself a serious big-person blog, that is. Tumblr has been my main source of blogging for my brand, and well... I have nothing against Tumblr, but I'm just growing up I suppose. I'll still get on Tumblr and post and everything, this is just a better/more professional outlet. I have some really big plans and dreams for my brand, and this is a way for me to make sure I'm keeping on track and progressing towards my goals.
About the name. I have a serious history of not making up my mind, and then changing it a lot. I've given this one a lot of thought, and it's a sort-of re-branding for me anyways. For those of you who may have been keeping tabs with what I've been up to, you may have noticed a dramatic change in my shop items, etc. Basically when I opened my Etsy shop nearly a year ago, I was pretty confident I would fail. So I didn't really do anything that I really loved or totally believed in because I didn't want to get too attached to it, and then get ultimately crushed.
It's only been recently that I've finally discovered/realized what direction I'd like to go into long-term. Lolita. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
I'll be chronicling my journey forth into the looking glass.

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